Cadillac Tapped Into The Club Of Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

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This year alone, more than 20 completely new or partly overhauled vehicles are expected to come onto the Chinese market. Carlisle said GM is using Tesla's vehicles as a benchmark while the Detroit-based automaker develops its own electric versions.

Though nothing else is yet revealed, it can be safe to assume that it will follow the Cadillac legacy and will be an SUV, or a crossover, albeit with a completely electric powertrain. However, these are mere speculations, with no official confirmation given by the company.

Cadillac didn't reveal additional details on the electric auto, but it's likely that the vehicle will sport a high-tech interior.

While we have images of the EV, we don't have any names, trims, specs, no additional details. GM said its gearing up to position Cadillac as a luxury rival to the current segment leader, Tesla. The framework can be used to adjust the power train in different configurations including front-wheel, rear and all-wheel drive.

The drive units and battery cells are designed for maximum usability throughout GM's vehicle line so don't be surprised to see the drivetrain and packs show up in other EVs down the road.

With such little information shared about the upcoming EV and GM's platform, it's hard not to take the automaker's promises with a grain of salt.

The launch of the EV is part of an aggressive product release movement by GM who plans to release a new model every 6 months between now and 2021.

Steve Carlisle, president of Cadillac, says the upcoming model will challenge the world's best cars.