Netflix to make exclusive 'Resident Evil' TV show

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It's also worth considering that the Resident Evil 2 remake is quite a technologically demanding title, and it may be hard to get it to run on the Nintendo Switch in its current form. Now it looks like that television series is close. Constantin Film, the studio behind the movies, is also making the Netflix show, so we can probably expect this new adaptation to be loose at best. Reporter Nellie Andreeva firmly claimed on Thursday that the horror series is "coming to television" and that Netflix has claimed it as a "global original", courtesy of German film and TV production company Constantin Film.

The show will also reportedly keep the same general premise as the film series, exploring the "dark inner workings" of the Umbrella Corporation.

It's not clear how the series will affect Roberts' film reboot or if the two projects will be set in the same universe.

In a major change from the original game, Resident Evil 2 features the over-the-shoulder gameplay perspective that was first introduced in Resident Evil 4 instead of the infamous "tank controls" that defined the earlier Resident Evil games. Although her character was created specifically for the films, Alice interacted with a several familiar faces from the video games. Give me Jill Valentine running from Nemesis! The franchise proved so durable that it spawned an entire Resident Evil movie series starring Milla Jovovich that went on a rampage at the box office.

Meanwhile, the video games are still going strong.

The report's certainly well-timed, since the incredible remake of 1998 game Resident Evil 2 hits physical and digital shelves on Friday.