Bud Light and HBO's Game of Thrones teamed up for Super Bowl

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The National Corn Growers Association rebuked the brand for boasting that Bud Light does not use the ingredient.

It was the crossover you never knew you needed: Bud Light and Game of Thrones.

"This attack especially hits home at a time when farmers are hurting due to challenging economic conditions".

Miller Lite shot back with a fiery "we have more taste and half the carbs".

- Budweiser is getting some backlash from its competitors following one of its Super Bowl ads: A commercial that highlighted the fact that Bud Light does not use corn syrup, while Miller Light and Coors Light do.

While MillerCoors took to Twitter last night to point out that none of its products contain HFCS, it claimed "a number" of Anheuser Busch products do. The brand ran two other ads during the Super Bowl following up on the quest.

Yet many sports fans, during a game played with just a single touchdown scored, still found the ad pithy and humorous.

Kevin Ross of Underwood, Iowa, made a Twitter video of pouring Bud Light down the drain, saying he was "disappointed in the aftertaste" of the ad. They doth protest that Bud Light doesn't contain corn syrup. Corn syrup is an cheap alternative to sugar that has been associated with obesity, diabetes and other ailments.

The first was dubbed "Special Delivery", and showed a giant wooden barrel marked "Corn syrup" being delivered to the Bud Light kingdom, where it is indignantly declined.

MillerCoors chief communications officer Pat Marino pointed out Bud Light's rice use in a tweet defending his company. The cast then moves the cask to castles that are supposedly overseen by Coors and Miller.

Corn-based sweeteners, especially high-fructose corn syrup, have been vilified in recent years as possible contributors to the obesity and diabetes epidemics.