Chins celebrates New Lunar Year

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It is believed to be the most important meal of the year and millions of people are expected to be home to celebrate with their families.

Most Chinese traditionally ring in the Lunar New Year, which is assigned one of 12 animals each year off the Chinese zodiac, with a family dinner the evening before. In 2019, the Chinese New Year begins on February 5 and ends on February 19, and this period of time is also referred to as the "Spring Festival.' Before the New Year, the 'Little Year" is celebrated - this lasted from January 28 until February 4, 2019, this year.

Eating lobster on the holiday is known to symbolize a prosperous year ahead and the one-of-a-kind dish features a 2-pound crispy ME lobster (2lb) with Chinese fried rice, house-made lap cheong (sausage), and shiso chili vinegar served with 4-foot-long chopsticks. It was 375,000 last year and Sydney tourism operators are counting on even more this year.

Those born in "pig" years were considered kind, generous, magnanimous, warm-hearted and considerate, and were leaders, he said.

Real estate agents mount special marketing campaigns to sell apartments to Chinese visitors and retailers' sales of luxury goods rival the pre-Christmas rush.

In Japan, the capital's famous Tokyo Tower was due to turn red in celebration of the New Year - a first for the city.

But as with Yu, the Lunar New Year is all about family for Lin.

To get into the spirit of the Lunar New Year, Lin who is originally from Taiwan and made the move to the Island in 2017, encourages Islanders to wear the colour red, which symbolizes good luck and good fortune in Chinese tradition. "We are proud to bring this story to the global market, so that audiences around the world can take part in the celebration of Chinese New Year". It will be celebrated for around two weeks.

This year it will be the year of the pig.

Preparations for the Lunar New Year began well before today (Feb. 5), according to the Google blog post. Vietnam is celebrating the Lunar New Year of the Pig, the biggest annual festival of the year.