Snow Possible Overnight Before Bigger Storm Arrives Tuesday

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The threat for icing with this system will be significantly lower compared to our last storm system, as the temperature profile aloft will not support much accumulation.

- Light snowfall that began peppering the Chicago area Sunday afternoon is expected to transition into freezing rain by the evening hours, forecasters said. "It's too early to pin down snowfall rates, but they have the best chance to reach at least 1"/hour overnight and perhaps occasionally into Tuesday, though again the snow looks to lighten up some during the day.

In Seattle, officials urged people to stay off the roads as traffic slowed to a standstill in some places because of the snow.

Monday Night: We will see rain and sleet before 10 p.m., then freezing rain and sleet between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m., then rain and sleet after 4 a.m. Temperatures will drop to a low of 32 degrees.

The National Weather Service said additional snow could fall February 9, and another storm was expected early next week.

More than 120 people were rescued on Thursday from a Sierra Nevada, California, resort after being trapped by snow for five days.

Almost 8 inches of snow fell at Seattle-Tacoma Airport, where hundreds of flights were canceled, CBS News' Carter Evans reports.

Two more significant winter storms are expected to blanket western Washington with more snow starting Sunday afternoon.

A wintry mix is likely to pass through the region before changing into rain along the coast Tuesday. Severe snow drifts shut down Interstate 90 and other roads in central Washington.

About 200 flights were canceled at Seattle-Tacoma and Portland global airports on Saturday, roughly matching the number of Friday cancellations.

But more snow was possible for the region by midweek, the report said.

"Southern Iowa can expect 1-4" of snow and a light glazing of ice thanks to freezing ran/sleet during the late afternoon and evening.