From snow back to freezing rain tonight

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Later in the evening, the back side of the storm will transition the precipitation back to snow. Make sure you brush off your vehicle completely, and be very careful on those slippery roads!

Some parts of the Pacific Northwest already buried by a winter storm are starting to see another round of snowfall.

Our next weather system isn't being handled consistently by the computer models, but it appears that we'll see some light snow from Thursday afternoon through Friday morning.

Winter storm with significant snow, freezing rain, and strong winds threatening Tuesday.

A few more inches of snow fell on the Seattle area overnight, Sunday into Monday. It could get about 3 inches of snow with a quarter inch of ice on top of that.

Heavy rain of an inch to 2 inches is expected Tuesday afternoon into the evening, according to the weather service.

- Snow, sleet, and freezing rain will hit the NY area on Tuesday. The evening commute will be highly impacted.

"I just wanted to go play in the snow", Endo said. Hundreds of flights were canceled in Seattle and Portland, and heavy snow drifts closed major highways in eastern Washington.

Residents in Portland and Seattle who are more accustomed to rain than snow waited in long lines to buy shovels and de-icer.

-Northern Warren, Sussex, northern Morris, western Passaic, western Bergen. They will pick up a bit more as the storm departs into Tuesday night.

Monday night: Clouds increase late at night. Snow continues through the mid-afternoon today in counties along the Mason-Dixon.

With cold air in place over the Chicago area, low pressure will move northeast out of Kansas, tracking over Chicago early Tuesday.

Four to seven inches of snow and ice one-tenth to two-tenths is predicted for Orange and Sullivan counties. The commutes for Tuesday morning and Tuesday evening will nearly certainly be a messy ride.

Another bout of winter weather is headed for Toronto and the GTA this week.

The winter storm will bring blizzard-like whiteouts.

The storm will taper off by Wednesday.