Impeachment Reluctantly Floated In VA After Second Allegation Against Fairfax

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"Ms. Watson was raped by a basketball player during her sophomore year at Duke", the statement said.

A former Duke basketball player, who has not been publicly identified, has been accused of raping a woman in 1999.

"The man you're looking at and talking to right now is not who I was in my early 20s", Northam said, citing his background as an Army medic and a pediatric neurologist.

The gaffe came as Northam fights to regain public trust after a photo from his medical school yearbook page showed a person in blackface and another in a Ku Klux Klan outfit.

"Imagine my horror when I heard that different Democratic groups and individual Democrats were calling for Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax's resignation based on allegations of sexual assault".

"He revealed that Ms. Watson was the victim of a prior rape", Nancy Erika Smith, Watson's attorney, wrote in the second statement.

Duke University spokesman Michael Schoenfeld said its police department has no criminal reports naming or involving Mr Fairfax, adding that any accusation made through the student disciplinary process would be protected by student privacy laws.

Duke University, where Fairfax earned a bachelor's degree, last week asked him to step down from the Sanford School of Public Policy Board of Visitors until the allegations are resolved. "And I really believe that the fact that if you look at the unpreparedness of me to react to this, both on Friday night and Saturday, that really confirms that this is the first time", he claimed. Governor Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring have also faced criticism after admitting they wore blackface in the 1980s.

If Fairfax were to leave, it's unclear who could replace him. That I never sexually assaulted Dr. Tyson. Tyson, a California college professor, accused Fairfax of forcing her to perform oral sex on him at a Boston hotel in 2004.

On Sunday night, Fairfax spoke via phone with the Post and said that he would not resign from the post of lieutenant governor. She said she told classmates and friends of the attack after it occurred. "That was a name I knew because I'm a basketball fan".

Following news of a second accuser against Fairfax, Democratic state lawmakers in Virginia issued a call for Fairfax to resign, as did the Virginia Black Legislative Caucus.

The interview, which follows Northam's first post-scandal interview with The Washington Post, comes after the governor spent almost a week in seclusion. Because of "the deep shame and humiliation" she suffered afterwards, she said she didn't speak of it for years.

Watson's lawyer said the circumstances of the alleged assault in 2000 were similar to what Tyson had described happening four years later, but declined to provide further details. "It has been an especially devastating time for the great Commonwealth of Virginia", he said.

Carliss Chatman, a Washington & Lee Law School professor who graduated from Duke in 2001, said she has remained friends with Fairfax and hosted a political fundraiser for him.

"We find that troubling for African Americans in the state of Virginia where we supported the Democratic Party strongly for them to jump to these conclusions quickly without allowing due process and allowing Justin Fairfax to answer to the allegations and each allow the women to come forward if that's what they choose to do", said Thompson.