Pakistani Senator Equates India's Air Strike to Israeli Aggression Against Arabs

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India has said that Pakistan's use of terrorism as an instrument of state policy is a "central problem" and the worldwide community must unequivocally condemn terrorism and its perpetrators.

Tensions between the arch-rivals have escalated significantly over recent days, after a suicide bombing in Indian-administered Kashmir killed 40 Indian paramilitaries.

It is certainly true, as a perusal of the JeM publications after February 19 shows, that they claimed credit but this is exactly what al-Qaeda and the militant Islamic State group and other terrorist organisations repeatedly did when attacks were carried out in their name.

People will get money under the scheme if their income was less than the Minimum Income (fixed), irrespective of whoever they are, whichever state they lived in or religion they followed and whatever language they spoke, he said.

"As long as India and Pakistan refuse to deal with their core dispute - the future of Kashmir - they face unpredictable, possibly terrifying, consequences", it said.

It said the Pakistani authorities have arrested a number of activists of the proscribed groups, including a brother of Jaish-e-Mohammad chief, Maulana Masaud Azhar.

Given the history, India has been sceptical about Pakistan's latest steps to dismantle militant groups, with Indian officials calling the action cosmetic.

Both Pakistan and India know that if there is to be economic development and stability in the region, then a reasoned approach has to be adopted.

Islamabad also captured an Indian Air Force pilot after a February 27 dogfight between the two air forces.

An article in the Atlantic magazine suggested that both countries were hiding facts from their people while working quietly to prevent a war. He was released on March 1 as a "peace gesture" by Pakistan. "If Khan does not take these steps, I'm afraid Pakistan will continue to slide into global isolation, which will only serve to increase economic hardship on the Pakistani people", the Indian-American Congressman said.

We want Pakistan to act sincerely against the terror outfits operation from their soil, said the BJP leader.

Indian government sources disputed the video's authenticity and said their submarine would not have surfaced had it been trying to enter Pakistani waters.

Reiterating that his country wanted peace, Khan said: "We returned the pilot because we don't want war".