When Pelosi Talks Impeachment, She knows What She's Doing

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Although House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn't believe attempting to impeach President Donald Trump is worth the trouble, that isn't stopping some House Democrats from continuing the effort, according to Roll Call.

It is "so divisive to the country that unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don't we should go down that path", Pelosi herself said.

"Later on this month, I will be joining folks and advocates across the country to file the impeachment resolution to start the impeachment proceedings", Tlaib said at a press conference Wednesday.

House Democrats have pumped the brakes on impeachment talk Tuesday after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came out against the move, but some still say they want to keep it as an option. As she says unless there is something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, they can't get two thirds of the Republican vote. Do Democrats in Congress really think it will be better for them politically not to impeach if they think the case for Trump's guilt is strong?

When asked what impeachable offense Trump had committed, Green said, "The president has put his bigotry into policy".

Pelosi responded: "Are we talking ethically?"

"I do believe what Speaker Pelosi understands is that what they're wanting to do is going to require far more than what they have now, so I think they are hedging their bet on it", Collins said.

Green said he's just acting as his conscience dictates, telling Fox News' Neil Cavuto, "We should not allow political expediency--wait until the next election--to trump the moral imperative to act when there is harm being caused to society". And he's just not worth it, ' she concluded.

Waters recently tweeted that impeachment "is the only answer" for President Trump. But she made clear how poorly she thought of him.

Pelosi pointed to the excruciating process of president Bill Clinton's impeachment by the House in 1998, and his subsequent acquittal by the Senate.

"That doesn't mean we are voting on it, it means we are beginning the process to look at some of these alleged claims", Tlaib said.

Republicans gave Pence, a former House member, a first floor bonus office in the U.S. Capitol shortly after President Trump was inaugurated in 2017.

I am against impeachment.

Other Democrats, who were pushing for impeachment, are confident that there is already ample evidence to impeach the president in legal terms, but they're lacking the political willpower to get it done at the moment. It's also odd to hear the argument that no inquiry should happen simply because the Senate probably would never convict.

Pelosi has expressed her opposition to the idea of impeaching Trump - an idea favored by certain members of the Democratic Party. The longtime Democrat has managed to be very careful approaching the impeachment conversation in the past, usually either deflecting questions or saying she'll make her mind up when there is enough evidence to impeach Trump.

Sanders also defended Trump's national emergency declaration for the border, saying he has a "constitutional duty" to protect the United States.

Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), who was among those who voted alongside Green a year ago, called the congressman's push "premature" and said he didn't know if he could vote with him again for impeachment. He said impeachment "has to be a bipartisan effort, and right now it's not there".