Apple to host 'show time' event on Monday: Here's what to expect

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Cupertino is finally going to take the wraps off its new video streaming and news subscription services as the company look to focus on its Services business.

Apple is set to offer the HBO, Showtime, and Starz channels for $9.99 per month each, while its news service will also cost $9.99.

Apple's official invite to the event hints at its film and television-related plans with the inclusion of an animated film reel countdown and use of the tag line "it's show time". The new offerings are set to redefine Apple as 'services' company as its iPhone sales continue to decline in key markets.

Apple has reportedly spent more than $1.3 billion in the past year or so producing content and snapping up exclusive rights.

Cheddar previously reported that Apple was working on the gaming service, citing five sources who claimed talks with developers began past year. Amazon has also become a formidable force in video streaming.

Apple is the latest company to offer a direct-to-consumer streaming video, along with a news subscription service, by leveraging the power of its more than 1 billion devices. "Does it really make sense to help Netflix build a big base of subscribers to the point where they could actually spend $9 billion a year making their own content and will pay me less and less for my library?" he asked.

Just hours before Apple is poised to officially unveil its video streaming service, The Wall Street Journal published what it claims to be pricing for that service's news and video bundles.

Apple TV could also work with other streaming companies to upsell their services on its platform.

Martin said in a research note Apple can count on 900 million people with at least one Apple device to feed this ecosystem of services which includes Apple Pay, music and other digital content.

Walt Disney Co has announced its new streaming service Disney+ will launch this year, as will another from WarnerMedia, the newly acquired media-entertainment division of AT&T.

Apple is now in the phase of developing some of the best technological creations for all its customers awaiting the best hi-tech and advanced versions of the already existing devices or even a completely newer one.

We're particularly interested in the upcoming gaming service. Be it a Netflix killer, or some cool gaming service- Apple needs to do their best to cut out their niche share of subscribers before their competitors' walk away with their innovative slice of strategic moves.