Windows 10 is about to become less pushy about updates

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Aside from regular security updates and bug fixes, Microsoft releases two major Windows updates per year. With the new widget based system, Microsoft contends that the UI is highly customizable and allows the user to tailor the layout to specific tastes or needs. I'm an early adopter and tend to download updates right away, but I've also been annoyed several times when I found my computer performed an update when I'm in the middle of something important.

Let's be clear though - the nagging will continue, but there'll be less, and the control element is most definitely yours. So, we're making it possible for all users to pause both feature and monthly updates for up to 35 days. The active hours feature, introduced in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, relies on a manually configured time range to avoid automatically installing updates and rebooting.

New features in the May 2019 update aim to give users even more control over all Windows 10 updates, reducing the possibility of a new update interfering with the user experience. But not everyone's going to want a huge overlay taking up a large portion of their display, especially if there are widgets they never use.

However, local officials want to upgrade to Windows 10 by the January 2020 deadline, and approximately 150 PCs and 100 laptops would be completely replaced because they are already running on old hardware.

Perhaps the biggest feature of Windows 10 19H1 is the change in the update option.

For those with the Spotify app for Windows, there will be a new Spotify widget allowing users to integrate Spotify functionality into the Game Bar.

The Windows 10 Game bar is about to get a whole lot more useful.

Microsoft will coordinate Windows updates and Microsoft Store updates to minimize user disruptions by installing them when machines are idle. "After that, technical assistance and software updates from Windows Update that help protect your PC will no longer be available for the product". After being thoroughly tested, the update will start to publicly roll out to compatible devices in May.

"We will begin releasing 19H2 bits to Insiders later this spring and will talk more about what that will look like in the near future", Microsoft says. These will be accessible by pressing the "Windows" and "Period" button together. Microsoft said the Xbox Social widget in the Game bar will support cross-platform messaging between iOS, Android and other Windows 10 users.