Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney to Continue Making Exclusive Deals to Beat Steam

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Borderlands 3, developed by Gearbox, was announced at PAX East last weekend to much excitement.

As rumoured, the PC download edition of Borderlands 3 will launch as an Epic Games Store exclusive for an initial seven-month period.

Therefore, they are annoyed that Borderlands 3 now be available for about six months on PC only through the Epic Games Store.

The 2016 first-person adventure game offers over 500 puzzles across dozen of locations as the unnamed character explores the odd island in search of answers.

The fact that they've made a decision to be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for the first 180 days after launch before migrating over to other platforms (ahem, Steam), pissed off a lot of PC players looking forward to the game. The company had previously stated it didn't want to pursue exclusivity deals with games close to a Steam release, but Tim Sweeney is now saying otherwise.

The "cross-platform co-op" tag has since been removed now at the Microsoft Store. Including The Division 2, Quantic Dream's once PS4 exclusive games, and Metro Exodus.

There's even speculations of a new Splinter Cell game that will follow suit, a prognostication that if proven true, could send the exclusives controversy into overdrive. Epic Games, and Tim Sweeney, have both been under heavy fire for their anti-consumerism practices of herding gamers into their launcher just to play games. Like clockwork, Steam users began review bombing previous games in the noted dabbing robot shooter series shortly after. Only to switch over to Epic Games Store at the 11th hour and earn the ire of gamers who pre-ordered the game almost a year in advance. According to the Steam page for Anno 1800, Ubisoft will still fulfill Steam pre-orders on that platform, despite there now being no clear release date for the Steam version of the game.

2K, the publisher for Borderlands 3, says that the time exclusivity for Borderlands 3 is slated to end on April 2020.

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