Texans' Justin Reid 'can’t wait to smash' Antonio Brown

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The All-Pro wide receiver has had enough, apparently.

The former Steeler took to Twitter Sunday afternoon saying, "Keep your emotions off the internet".

Antonio Brown may have alienated the last person left in Pittsburgh who still had some love for the former Steelers wide receiver. Pittsburgh made it all the way to the Saints' 42-yard line with 41 seconds to go. He also replied to a handful of other posts, coming to the defense of Smith-Schuster.

It was rumored that Brown's desire to leave Pittsburgh was partly driven by the Steelers voting Smith-Schuster as team MVP over him. All parties involved bickering on the internet.

It started when Brown, who last week appeared to take a shot at Smith-Schuster when he tweeted that players who haven't been paid shouldn't be trusted, sent out a less subtle tweet on Sunday.

We'll update this space with more subtweets as they come in fresh off the Twitter wire.

It concerned Brown, whose first snip at Smith-Schuster two weeks ago was subtle.

Whatever Brown was hoping to accomplish here, he failed.

"All I ever did was show that man love and respect from the moment I got to the league", Smith-Schuster wrote.

As football fans know, Brown would eventually get traded to the Oakland Raiders, and any slim chance of the speedster ending up in Los Angeles was quickly thrown out the window, which seems for the best after looking at what the wideout has been up to lately.

As a result, Brown has fallen under harsh criticism from media and fans alike, and it doesn't seem like he is taking it too well.