10 Ways to Make the World Beautiful

Everyone wants to make the world a better place, right? Well, most people say they do, but the follow-through on that can sometimes be tricky. I mean, it’s kind of a big undertaking isn’t it? What does one do to make the world a better place for everyone?

We don’t have to change the world overnight, or even reinvent the wheel here folks. Making the world a better, more beautiful place can be as simple as helping a neighbor or saying hello to someone who seems down in the dumps.

When we’re talking about daily things we can do, they don’t have to be giant monumental endeavors. Something simple and kind is just as effective, and the actual positive result will ripple throughout the Universe.

Think about it for a moment, can you recall a time where perhaps you were sad, or maybe even downright angry, and someone you knew or maybe a stranger that did something or said something that helped you to find a smile? Now, if you reflect further I’m willing to bet you might have in turn done something for someone else in kind, right? A pay it forward situation where maybe you were given a smile or an encouraging word and later that day you came across someone where you were, and lent them that same smile or advice? I thought so.

The beautiful thing about positive action and positive interaction amongst people is that it almost always ripples outwards. The more people making waves of kindness, the quicker the pond becomes a bubbling, rippling positive ocean of self-feeding love.

That love that we give out spills over the edge of our happiness cup and overflows to the next, and so on and so on. So you see small actions do make a difference. Every last occurence has a consequence of some sort.

 The greatest avalanche starts with a single loose snowflake landing just perfectly so. That one renegade snowflake then causes a chain reaction that, once rolling down the mountain, can hardly be contained and rarely stopped. Positivity is much the same. 

It only takes one seed crystal to either freeze a lake or warm a bathtub or even evaporate a rain puddle. What happens to that puddle of yesterday’s gone by? It becomes tomorrow’s rain. Which then helps the grass and wildflowers grow, which bring the honeybees to pollinate.

The bees then spread those seeds and pollen to new fields and meadows, where the rabbits and deer eat of the fresh buds on the sprouting vegetation. The deer then fertilizes the forest floor which helps to grow new saplings. Those saplings grow into a mighty forest rising up like New York City skyscrapers and soon thickens to a dense jungle.

If not enough rains fall, and things get hot and dry then yesterday’s puddle grows into a thunderstorm as the cool moist air is suddenly thrust upwards warm dry air. And then something so powerful, so destructive, yet so incredibly beneficial and miraculous happens.

A bolt of lightning connects cloud to tree top with a roaring clap from the heavens and soon the forest canopy is ablaze and the ground covered in cinder. The animals flee and the forest now rages as it is consumed by fire sparked by the electric charge of yesterday’s puddle. But still, in the midst of all that destruction there is rebirth. 

The tree that for so long had held its fruit now releases the seed that will in its time repopulate and transform the charred landscape into its original and lush green state again. The animals will return to graze, and all will be as it should be.

However, one thing does not change. All things are interconnected. Everything in this Universe, sentient or not has a purpose and is connected to and reacts in kind to the things around it. Negativity and positivity both spread like wildfire just the same. But it is positive energy and the higher vibrations that resonate and spread faster. 

So, how do we change this world for the better everyday? It is in the little things. A smile, and helping hand, etc. Below is a list of small things that we can do to make this world more beautiful everyday.

  1. Smile.

  2. Volunteer.

  3. Plant a tree.

  4. Buy a stranger’s coffee.

  5. Donate blood.

  6. Organize a community clean up.

  7. Start an organic garden.

  8. Walk or ride a bicycle instead of driving.

  9. Befriend someone who needs one.

  10. Compliment a random stranger.

There are hundreds of ways to make the world a more beautiful place, and I could never insist that I know them all. Come up with your own and spread positive vibrations everywhere you go. You’ll be astonished at the way the Universe responds in kind.

There is a place on your face you can begin to transform the world around you. It is in a single smile. Positivity spreads from our lips to our face, to our lives and then onward to those around us.

So go on and get out there, and don’t forget to bring your smile. Positive vibrations are contagious- spread them far and wide.