An Open Letter To Life


Dear Life,

Thank you for being you. Sometimes, I know we don’t see eye to eye and sometimes you like to challenge me and to teach me.

I know that you do so because you see greatness within me and that maybe sometimes I’ve gotten complacent. I can see your point and yes, you’re right. Sometimes I do get stuck in my comfort zone and I need a good shove to get me moving again.

I know I’ve taken you for granted a time or two and I’ve tried to give up. And, I’m sorry if that upset you. Thank you for not letting me quit.

I just wanted to say I’m grateful for everything you provide for me, and thank you for helping me to grow for the last 37 years. I’d like to thank you for every single day I’ve woken up and every night I’ve laid my head down to dream.

I truly do love you, and I just wanted to say thanks again. You rock!

-All my best,

1 thought on “An Open Letter To Life”

  1. I can sense “The Positivity and “The Acceptance to the Challenges of Life” hidden in the words of this post. Thanks for providing a great food for the thoughts!!
    Good one!