There is No Signpost For A Happy Life

Life has no instruction manual. There are no signposts to point the way. The only guide we have it seems is our own internal compass. Our connection to the universe is vital to the effective use of that compass.

When we are closed off from the universal flow, we are disconnected from that guiding force that knows where true north lay. We wander aimless and disoriented. Often times we appear clumsy and trip over our own shadow. But when we learn to open our senses to the world around us and find that deeper connection, life seems easy and synchronicity will be abound in relative excess. Our decisions become easy, and life takes a simpler path.

This is the approach we need to take. This then becomes our purpose and our course. To be at one with all and be in the universal flow is to be in harmony with all that is. This is a blissful life.

All our lives we’ve been told, “Hey, life’s not fair.” Or, “Nobody said it would be easy.” Why? Why shouldn’t life be easy?

If we attune ourselves to the energies around us, then it would make sense that life itself would get easier, and the choices that stand before us would seem to make themselves easier as well.

We’ve been fooled into thinking life is some unresolvable mystery that only a chosen few should ever solve. That the answers are available only to some guru on the mountain top. It takes nothing more than an open mind and a willing soul to understand the secrets of the universe and life.

So then, what do we do? How do we glean the knowledge of yogis and the dervishes? How do we attain enlightenment of the Buddha? Lifelong devotion to celibacy and suffering? Abstaining from eating meat and hours of penetrating ourselves on Sunday morning?

Hardly. All it really takes is opening ourselves to the possibilities and wondrous synchronicity of the everyday mundane. The secret to life is simply this: there is no secret to life. I know, mind blown.

But in reality, there isn’t a key to a happy life other than to live it. When we accept that fact and begin to enjoy every little piece of life without attachment to our ulterior motives or expectations, life becomes magical. Once we’ve let go of how we think life should go and we put down our expectations that things happen a certain way, we can finally see the beauty of every moment. Whether it’s a blessing or a lesson, each experience we go through is meant to add richness to our lives.

Think of it this way, if life were perfect then what would be the motivation to wake up and go to work or to do the things we must? The little trials and tribulations that we face are meant to make certain that we are paying attention. They’re there to keep us on our toes. Whether it is a lesson to learn or a blessing to acknowledge, every single moment is given to us to remind us that we need to be present in each moment.

We must water a vegetable garden in order to harvest the nutritious and delicious fruits of the vine, right? Then, why would you expect life to be any different? What about our friendships and other relationships? We have to update and refresh our skills as well as learn new skills to keep ourselves viable in our professional lives too, yeah? So what would make us think that our day to day life would be any different?

There is no big secret to life other than there is no manual to living life. All we can do is keep our eyes open, our mind sharp, and our attention on what matters most to us. Life begins to love us back when we love it.

If we train ourselves to make the best of all things in life, we learn also to enjoy the rainy days and not just the sunny ones. For honestly, if every day were simple and sunny not only would we become complacently bored but we wouldn’t truly enjoy it as much.

Open up to new experiences.  Let go of unreal expectations stop assuming that everything will always be what you think it should. the fact is, most times it won’t.

However, if we learn to appreciate every moment this life becomes the reward it was truly meant to be. Take time each day to acknowledge the blessings before you.

The good and the bad of every day, sunny or not are here for a purpose. When we learn to accept things for what they are, we no longer depend on them for our internal happiness. Instead, we become that happiness.

Life begins to synchronize for us and we become able to enjoy each moment ever more. Have faith that the Universe will always bring us what we need, even if it’s not necessarily what we want.

So stop stressing out over the little disappointments, and embrace them. You never know when the universe is trying to teach us something. Or maybe, just redirect us to an even greater reward.

Bless up and give thanks no matter what happens. One thing remains true: Any day you don’t miss is a great day to have a good day.