Hey good morning all you fellow travelers on this bright blue spinning ball we call Earth. It’s Monday morning and you know what that means. It’s time to don the business wear, and dig in to what lay ahead. Here comes your Daily Kickstand for your commute, The first of two today and Im going to start with republishing this one from the old page. It borrows a bit from the Note from the Universe email I received the morning this was written. It’s all about infinite possibilities and maximizing our joy in this lifetime, and I do hope you dig it.


I want ask you, when was the last time you were truly happy? When was the last time you had a moment to yourself where you weren’t freaking out about the stressors in your life, the to-do list hanging on the fridge, or the early morning meeting first thing Monday at the office, or all the mistakes we’ve made in our past? When was the last time you possessed that child-like happiness? I’m guessing it was awhile ago right?

Now i want you to grab a pen and piece of paper. And I want you to jot down 21 things you enjoy doing that take 30 minutes or less. They could be anything: taking a walk, playing a game of cards, working on a model car, tinkering with the old Buick out in the garage, even something as simple as a cup of coffee with an old friend. Thats totally up to you. Why 21 you ask? Why 30 minutes or less?

Well, I’ll tell you. It takes 21 days to start a new habit. And that habit is going to be finding 30 minutes a day to appreciate something you love doing, something that makes you happy. Now I can hear you all already-
“Kevin, I don’t have 30 minutes a day! That’s just not possible!”

Ah-but it is! We’re going to mine them from our day. The 5-10 minutes you spend hitting the snooze button. Its not your friend, it just makes it harder to start the day. The 5-10 minutes you take to finish your coffee staring out the window wondering where life went. The hour on the train, the time spent bullshitting around the office, even the brief moments of solitude in the restroom. I know you take em, its ok. But this, is where we find your 30 minutes or more each day. Trust me it’s worth it.

Now then, what do you suppose happens when we take a half hour to just do something fun for ourselves? Well, I’ll tell you. That small act of kindness we give ourselves, that tiny scoop of self-love believe it or not opens up a world of options we missed before.

We no longer find ourselves running to and fro & cursing the traffic jam. We are capable of producing not only more work, but more quality work. We’re able to get more done, and the simple act of allowing our minds to relax brings joy and happiness back into our day. And floods our lives with joy & an unquenchable thirst for life, and it’s about time we take it back.

Now when we open the gate to let this positivity back into our lives something very profound happens. When we allow the possibilities to flow through us, a very unique occurance begins to happen- We find we’ve got untamable energy to do anything & everything we wish to accomplish. We stop racing around afraid of the clock. We finish tasks more efficiently and more effectively than before. We may even find more time opens up to us.

When we live a passion driven life, a sort of Life on Fire; wide open to posibilities, the universe does something very cool and answers in kind with blessings of abundance. We find that one door opens to a new possibility, which in turn opens another door to a new possibility, to another, and so on, and so on, etc…

We may decide to change our career path entirely, or go back to school. We might learn a new skill or hobby, or take up the piano. Maybe we finally get up the nerve to decide that we can do better, that we want better. NO- We deserve more, we deserve better.
                     I WANT MORE.
             I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!


The choices are yours and they are bound only by your imagination. This kind of passion filled lust for life sparks Law of Attraction into action. That sparks an avalanch of purpose driven initiative and snowballs greater and greater. The universe opens all the realms of infinite opportunity to us with abundance the reward.


So go ahead, give it a shot. What have you really got to lose? 21 days? 21 days of doing something you love for 30 minutes, and you can not only change your quality of life, but the quantity of minutes left in it to enjoy. So go on, take the challenge. Live a passion driven life and let the universe grace you with abundance. Be you. Be beautiful. Be blissfully blessed and put the beautiful lust for life back into every day. Bless up!