4 Ways to Smile When the World Feels Ominous

Such is life, the little disappointments come and go. Most of us move forward for the best, yet some get stuck unable to let things go. The classic overthinkers, you know who you are, I know you worry. You worry about all the unknowns in life. Unfortunately, life is full of them. They’re around every corner, in every surprise, at every traffic light and train station. They’re with you when you wake up, and when you lay your head at night.

I wish to take them from you, but I can not. All this writer can do is offer my love and light and offer some humble advice from someone prone to severe anxiety. So when life’s little uncertainties rear their ugly head, and you want to run and hide remember these words and try out these simple methods of dealing with them.

4 Ways to Smile When the World Feels Ominous

  • Meditate: Find a quiet place, center yourself with a few deep breaths and let your thoughts pass through your minds eye without judgment. Do not try to latch on to them, do not place any attachment or value to them, just leave them to fade into the distance. After awhile, your mind should begin to clear and that’s the sweet spot. Stay centered and breathe in the blank space left behind. If you have trouble slowing your mind, it’s ok. Just let the thoughts pass through and out, just don’t chase them.
  • Walk It Out: Get up and get moving. Walking briskly for 30 minutes is clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety by forcing us to breathe deeply and flood our bodies with oxygen. All that natural feel good flowing through our brains releases dopamine and other feel-good endorphins flood our brains and anxiety has no chance.
  • Volunteer: Helping others is also shown to help us feel better about ourselves. Not only that but that charitable action helps our inner self-validate itself and this in itself lessens our anxiety and overwhelming thoughts. Not to mention, you’ll use your energy in a positive manner instead of just driving yourself and those around you nuts.
  • Create: When our brain is trying to work overtime, creating something, anything can help to ease our self-punishment by keeping our mind semi-busy and focused on the task we’re involved in instead. Painters, musicians, and writers have all produced masterpieces in various states of duress. And Like BB King said, “In order to play the Blues, you’ve got to suffer.”

In no way is this list complete or exhausting of options for you worriers and overthinkers. Trust me when I tell you my anxious little monkeys, better days are still ahead. Why did I call you an anxious little monkey? Think of the monkey from Dr. Doolittle, hard to stay upset when thinking about an alcoholic French speaking monkey isn’t it? And you thought you had problems.

Don’t stress Henny-Penny, the sky isn’t really falling. It’s just the acorn of knowledge trying to be sure you’re paying attention. Kick it to the side and enjoy the little moments of happiness in every day. I assure you, they are there.