5 Life or Death Apps to Survive a Computer Crash: Help Me!


Technology, the grandest of headaches disguised as helpful. As writer for TheDailyKickstand and also at my newer blog, Content Collective Marketing, I spend a lot of my time at my laptop. All well and good except- IT JUST DIED! AHHHH, WHAT NOW??!!

No seriously, my laptop crapped the bed and expired. After the initial shock wore off last night I had a long talk with myself and I said, “Self? What do we do now?”

And the only answer was hey, let’s write about it and maybe someone will take pity on us and donate for a new one. That’s not too desperate right?

Well, that’s where I was last night and I am seriously taking donations to buy another one. If you like what you read, I’d be eternally grateful for any help.

So then, what do I do in the meantime? Do I just stop being a writer because the easy way is shot to hell? No way! I’m thumb pecking away on my Galaxy undeterred. But it made me think for a minute about how to pull it off, so here it is.

      5 Life or Death Apps You Need
          When Your Computer Quits

1. Evernote: My favorite tool for writing on mobile or laptop. Simple, effective, with a decent range of options both free and paid. Totally syncable between platforms, built in sharing technology for teams, and a handy audio recording function. I use the free version though I encourage you to upgrade as I will be soon as well.

2. Picsart: This is how I create my social media graphics for now. Easy to use photo editing makes keepingn my brand consistent, and the text on photo function makes easy instagram, pinterest, and twitter photos. I normally would use canva,  but to my knowledge they haven’t gone mobile yet. Seeing as how this is hopefully a temporary shift, I’m again using only the free options.

3. Google Analytics: You cannot run a blog or website without it! It’s important to be able to see who’s reading what, when they’re reading it and how. As well as how they got to the site. Thankfully there’s an app for that.

4. Bitly Brand Tools: Providing content and shortening links helps me with sharing clickable posts to my chosen media. There is also an analytics tool built in to see how your posts are stacking up.

5. WordPress/Blogger: Of course I would be remiss without mentioning these two apps for allowing me to quickly upload and edit posts with a fairly limited range of options to which one can simply get on google chrome to access what’s missing.

So there you have it, the top 5 Apps that are going to keep good content coming at you for The Daily Kickstand and Content Collective Marketing. Hopefully, this downtime will be brief but I’m not quitting.

If you can help or wish to help there’s a gofundme account for aquiring a new laptop. Any and all help is appreciated.