R.E.S.P.E.C.T.- Go ahead and say that to the person next to you. Smart money says, they’ll start singing the song back to you, and I’m willing to bet you’re doing it right now. But sadly enough most of those same people could not tell you how to show someone respect, or even what it means.

Respect is defined as a positive feeling of admiration or reverence forna person, or institution; or for specific actions or behavioral traits one possesses.

So, we can have respect for John and his ability to keep smiling after all he’s  been through. We respect firefighters and their bravery for disregarding their own safety and risking their lives for others. These are examples of feeling respect for people or their actions. And when we say we respect the Catholic Church or The Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program, it simply means we share the same values that these institutions represent.

But what does it mean to show respect in action? How does one show us respect? I’ve put together a list of five easy ways to show respect, and then we’ll look at the effects that respect has on our self-esteem. So let’s get into it

I know it’s a crazy concept right? But believe it or not, the eyes have it. When we make eye contact it shows we’re engaged in what the other person is saying. It says, ” I’ll stop what I’m doing because it’s not as important as this talk.”
In 1975, Eckhard Hess discovered than the pupils to our eyes dialate, or get bigger when we’re actively interested in something. Inversely, when we aren’t they contract. That must be why we always see cartoon characters eyes grow out of their heads when the cute female goes walking by. Haha-
Want to know if someone’s telling the truth or not? Given that the average person lies atleast once in a 10 minute conversation, it’s a good eye-dea (sry, had to do it.) to watch for signs of manipulation. Most people will contort their eyes, exaggerating sincerity in a feeble attempt to over compensate for their knowledge of the truth.
But seriously, look at someone when they speak to you or you to them. Show them you’re engaged in what’s being said. But whatever you do, dont stare! Staring can show a attempt to intimidate, and often can result in your eye getting quite the shiner.

Put down the phone, turn off the television and be present with your people. We’re so busy these days that it seems there’s always more to be done, but we need to remember to stop once in awhile, unplug from the world and give people out full attention.
When we do, we need to practice active listening. Most of us are just waiting for a chance to talk. Stop it. Actually listening means not thinking of we want to say next but truly hearing what the other is saying.
If we’re sitting next to them, turn slightly towards them, and sit up straight. Be engaged in the conversation and when appropriate ask clarifying questions to show that we understand but don’t interrupt. Most miscommunication comes when we aren’t fully paying attention.

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and celebrated. Encouraging someone is a great way to show respect. A smile and a kind sentiment can go a long way to making us feel wanted and appreciated, and is a great sign of respect.
In our business lives, encouragement is even more crucial.nThink about it, how many times would you have given up on something because it was hard and no one believed in you? So be the reason someone keeps trying.

We all want to be recognized for our effort. And it’s a defeating feeling when our accomplishments go unnoticed. So if we respect someone we should be their biggest fan. Trumpet their successes to the hills. Make sure that people take note of the achievements a co-worker or loved one has attained. Its not bragging ifnits about someone else.
In a business setting, most notably if your in a managerial position, congratulating and recognizing the accomplishment of someone you work with boosts not only their self-esteem and encourages them to work harder, but it also lights the proverbial fire under the entire team to work harder.

One last easy way to show respect-help out! If you see someone swamped with work, or struggling don’t just stand there. Offer a helping hand. If they don’t want help then perhaps just offer up some moral support. Maybe giving them advice or showing them a more efficient way to do the task theyre struggling with. When we offer our time, that is indeed one of the most precious of gifts we can give.
True respect is more than just saying please and thankyou. There are countless ways to show respect and a lot of them we do without even thinking of them. Chivalry is not dead. Pulling out a chair, holding a door, even saying hello to a stranger is a form of respect.
Here you have it, 5 simple ways to show respect in everyday life. I know, nothing you didn’t already know right? Well I’m guessing that if you actually surveyed how many opportunities to do these things you miss in a given day from not being mindful, you’d be amazed. So maybe today be a little more vigilant in your respect of others. Try a little harder and I promise you you will feel better for doing so. You’ll walk taller, feel more proud for those around you. Those around you will be thankful to have someone like you in their life.
Sincere appreciation and gratitude goes a long way in this world, and it can be even more meaningful than the most lavish of gifts. It can make or break relationships whether business or pleasure. Respect can open pathways to enhanced conversations and relations. It goes with reason, if you respect someone they will respect you back. And if they dont, well you dont need their negativity in your life. But don’t stoop to their level. I say kill them with kindness, they’ll get the point sooner or later.
So go on and sing it loud and proud with me- R.E.S.P.E.C.T. find out what it means to me…Be you. Be beautiful. Be blissfully blessed & be good family.