5 ways to show gratitude & optimize life

Life hacks for the rest of us

OK, you can’t deny you’ve heard it or said it today. Heck, people say it all the time…

“Hey, lighten up!”
Wouldn’t that be lovely if it was that easy? Wouldn’t it be great to just say, “Yep! I feel better!”
Personally, my favorite saying is, “Any day you don’t miss is a great day to have a great day.” But typically, the day will be whatever we decide to make it. Set your intentions, and follow through.


Intention and attention bring focus on what’s important

Gratitude is a simple yet super important concept, really. It is the act of being present and acknowledging the bountiful blessings in our lives in the moment without judgment.

It is thanking the Universe for this day and every day that came prior to it. But, it is doing so without any attachment to those days, for better or worse.
It is recounting all of the lessons both easy & difficult or the countless helpful hands from others on our path. It is accepting the good and the bad, yet still being able to smile at the new day and be truly grateful that you are here.

Quick gratitude exercise

Think for a moment, how many of the good things in your life that you take for granted, or maybe just do not appreciate fully? If you have a pen and paper handy, jot down a list of things you have to be grateful for. Just off the top of your head, don’t focus too hard just yet.

How many can you list?


                                                           If you can’t think of many or if you even struggle to find one, don’t beat yourself up- just breathe.


Remember, that you are a work in progress.

All the best things take time.

Gently remind yourself of the lessons you have been given and give thanks.


Most times, we forget that even our lessons are blessings in disguise. So, we need to do our diligence to recall our good fortunes from time to time.

Not only is it good for our souls to give thanks and praise, but it also draws in more good fortune.

Gratitude brings the goodness to life

When we focus on the good in life, we naturally become more receptive to the good in life.

When we focus on the trials and tribulations of everyday life we innately and almost inevitably notice more negative aspects of life. Our daily tests become more trying, and even the good lessons we are given when needed are viewed with dissent or a curse upon us.
So, by this logic, if we train our focus to key in on the positive aspects of our life we ultimately attract even more of those positive aspects into our world.

Why on Earth wouldn’t we be more gracious if it is both to the benefit of us and the rest of the world? Why would we be anything other than positive?

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Positivity takes practice

It is not instant instinct in our neuro-muscle memory for us to be positive. By the time most of us reach adulthood, we have been exposed to so much negative influence that we do not even realize how often we tend to complain about rather trivial issues.

Those moments, are when we most need to be mindful of the good things in our lives. If we can find a way to transform our perception, we can learn to change those negative patterns that we have conditioned ourselves into believing.
Positive living is not an easy outlook, but it is a necessary one. It is not an easy task to change a behavior that we do not even remember learning? Moreover, how do we consciously engage in counteracting the actions and thoughts we may not even realize we have.

It is not an easy task to change a behavior that we do not even remember learning? Moreover, how do we consciously engage in counteracting the actions and thoughts we may not even realize we have.

Think of it this way-
Your parents most likely dealt with stress in their own way, right?

Well, kind of…

You see, the way your father reacted to the furnace breaking as he went about finding the tools, muttering under his breath about why on earth he didn’t become an HVAC technician instead of a salesman. And all the while, as he disassembled the breaker panel he would curse the house.

Or, how your mother did her best to calmly balance the checkbook each month despite the accumulating household debt that couldn’t be paid, but never let on something was wrong…These are all learning curves.


Our parents taught us bad habits

Your parents learned their coping skills from your grandparents, and you learned yours from your folks, and your kids will learn from you. And so it goes, these sometimes overtly negative ways of dealing with problems are handed down from one generation to the next like engrained mental family heirlooms.
The pattern will persist until someone (hopefully, you if not your parent’s) stops it. How do we stop such a long-standing pattern of negativity?

…..Yep, you guessed it! We do so through a major shift in outlook or a

We do so through a major shift in outlook or,

by a “leap of perspective”!

Becoming the Change we need in life

Once these negative patterns have been recognized, we can react to them and begin to transform them into a healthier and more useful outlook. Simply by the act of observing them, we begin to affect real change upon the Universal happenings.

Simply by the act of observing them, we begin to affect real change upon the Universal happenings.
In quantum physics this is called the “Observer Effect” and it has astounded and confounded both physicists and philosophers alike for quite some time.

According to researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science, the very act of observing the phenomena affects the outcome of said occurrence.

Interesting, right? I mean sure, that could be easily seen with people
but we are actually talking about energy here! The simplest components
of the universe somehow get shy and modest when we pay attention.

Who knew?
What is even-more-crazy, is that the more closely an event is “watched”, the greater the observer’s influence impacts what actually transpires! In other words, our intention and attention can shift the way an event transpires.

Change your mindset,
Change your life!

So, you see it is super vital that we practice mindfulness and self-care. By being mindful of our emotions as well as our actions, we can alter our reality for the greater good of the Universe, as well as ourselves.

Now that we know that we can change our future simply by being present, I suppose I should give you a few tips to manifest your best possible future.

Here they come!

5 Wicked Simple Ways to show gratitude & optimize life’s potential

1. Be Mindful- Be present in your life and look for the beauty that is all around you. In time, the negative aspects of life become smaller, and eventually they vanish from our peripheral all-together.

2. Smile more often- It is quite honestly the easiest way to change the world; both for ourselves, and for others. It’s also easier to smile than sit there with resting-bitch-face.

3. Help others- Charitable acts makes our spirit feel good. When our soul feels full and happy, we naturally will be more happy-FACT!

4. Learn something new- Every moment of every day is a chance to do and/or learn something amazing! You only get one lifetime to experience the richness of life. Eat Life’s Nectar! And be grateful for the blessing of abundance.

5. Meditate often- Life gets hectic, and we can’t always control what happens to or around us. However, we can decide how we respond to it. Meditating for just 12 minutes a day can have a profound effect on your life. This article on mindful meditation give 76 ways mindfully meditating is healthy and crucial to a well-lived life of happiness. meditation-brain

In case you are not convinced yet? Here are 7 more scientifically backed reas0ns t0 meditate.

And…Why not one more article from The Huffington post with 20 reasons why mindfully meditating is good for both your mental and physical health!


So there you have it almost 200 reasons to mindfully meditate and be present and give grateful praise to the abundance of life!

We’d love to know what your thoughts or experiences are with being mindfully present and gracious, share a comment if you feel moved to do so.

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