I posted the other day about failure in the article “Self-Sabotage: The Fourfold Path to Failure.” And a lot of people truly appreciated the post. Some even emailed me asking how to correct certain aspects of their life where they were guilty of the pitfalls I mentioned. Of course I did my best to answer them but it got me to thinking that maybe some of you weren’t brave enough to speak up and ask. So with that said, this post is for you guys/gals.

We’ve all come up short at one point or another on our goals, but truly, how does one fail? If you take Ram Dass’ view point well then, to F.A.I.L. is simply the FIRST ATTEMPT IN LEARNING. As long as a lesson is learned, we have not failed. In other words, we only fail when we quit trying.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

Well, if you’ve found that you’re still trying and not achieving results, I’ve put together a list of 6 simple ways you can change the pattern of falling short of your goals.


  1. MAKE UP YOUR MIND- Simple as it sounds. Make up your mind that failure is not an option. Go for broke. Go as hard as you can towards your goal and NEVER accept less than what you set out for. Realize that failure is not only not an option, but convince yourself that it doesn’t even exist. Never settle again.
  2. TAKE MASSIVE ACTION- Make a plan and stick to it. Each and every day move 1 step closer to your goal. It’s ok, start with the easy steps first. By doing so, you build momentum towards the harder goals, and in fact you’re laying the ground work for those harder steps.

  3. STAY MOTIVATED- Avoid complacency. This is a tough one but you can do it. Turn off the T.V.! Get off Facebook! Ignore the distractions and get into your success

  4. ASK GOOD QUESTIONS- Look inside yourself, and ask the tough questions. What do I want? How do I attain it? How long will it take to reach our goal? How bad do we want it? Be honest with yourself, and take an intense inventory of your personal & internal resources.

  5. READ- Readers are leaders. Find the thought leaders in your niche, read their published works. Learn their history, meet them if you can. Most true leaders will answer questions and help you reach your goals. So reach out to them and ask them how they got where they are. How do they stay motivated?

  6. INSPIRE OTHERS- The most successfull people in the world know the true measure of success is how you’ve inspired others to their greatness. Those of us destined for success are not concerned that someone is smarter than us, or might become better than us. We encourage those people because they in turn motivate us to stay focused on taking massive action towards our goals and resisting the urge to become complacent ourselves.

Bottom line here folks, DONT QUIT! As long as you strive everyday for a better you, as long as you are constantly trying- YOU CAN NOT FAIL- PERIOD! So what are you waiting for? The key to success is getting up and taking that first step.