A LIFE ON FIRE: Tapping Your Inner Confidence

Do you consider yourself to be a confident person? Would the people who know you best say the same? I ask because I believe confidence to be absolutely vital to what I call: A Life on Fire.

What is a life on fire? It is a fully engaged life in which we seize the opportunities that are put before us. It’s a life of purpose and passion, of drive and of being present at all times. There is no need for an auto-pilot here because the best copilot we could ever hope for is within each of us already.

Each one of us has a guiding influence inside our being. Call it God, The Universe, or your subconscious if you want. I call it the True-Self. It’s an omnipotent part of each one of us. It’s that little voice that tries to point us towards what is right, and best for us. The same voice that screams at us when we know somethings not right, and that part of us that is connected to every other living thing in this existence.

It’s the part of us that holds the secrets of our purest nature, and guards the gateway of our souls. It is eternally connected to all that is, and it is the unstoppable link to the universal flow of love that lives inside of everyone and everything in this reality. It knows no judgement, or hate. It has no limit or restriction except one- The limitation we set in our minds and our ego.

Now with that said, I know there is strength in you. I know that you have the capacity for infinite love. And that in that capacity also holds a stronger, more confident you. I know that when you learn how to unlock that confidence that comes from truly loving yourself, a flood of incredible possibility is waiting to be let out. Like a caged lion crouched in wait to seize those opportunities and moments that most of us let slip away. Now is the time to unleash that inner lion in you.

They call the lion the king of the jungle because he is fearless & relentless in his pursuit of what he knows he wants and needs. There is no deterring his passion, lust, or hunger. A lion does not seek validation from other animals because he knows his place in the food chain and how to meet his needs.

We however, are different. Because we have these giant brains we’ve grown past the primal urges we once contained. We let ourselves doubt ourselves riddled with self-conscious insecurities. In fact, one in three of us is insecure and unsure of ourselves. And it’s that insecurity that robs us of our true potential. Our fears and doubts, most of which are fictitious creations of our minds. They are our biggest setbacks but good news is: We can change that!

Confident people take action and confront their fears when opportunity arises. Confident people attract those opportunities to them like the angler fish which uses its natural traits to draw in its prey, and when the moment comes they do not delay in making the decisive choice to take what is theirs.

Confidence improves quality of life in profound ways. It will increase the quality of relationships in your life. It will increase your ability and willingness to reach for better opportunities. And in that constant reaching, you will attract more quality relationships that in turn create bigger, better opportunities. How do they do this? It’s not witchcraft…

The people you surround yourself with limit your potential.

If you set the bar low by hanging with lazy, unambitious people; then what is there to push you for more? We stagnate and stall out. This stagnation, is worse than death. It becomes harder and harder to escape the complacency of having no competition to push yourself.

In order to manifest our best reality we need to be stretched, challenged, and pushed. We need someone to strive to achieve a higher level. We need to have something to grow towards.

It’s easy. Confidence builds persistence. Persistence grows intensity, and that intensity in turn creates success. It’s a flowing growth that starts with having the gumption of getting out of our comfort zone. Nothing great ever comes from being comfortable. Your last boy is not your friend. Get up, make changes, and go for more.

Each one of us has the potential for greatness. I know it with every fiber of my being. So say it loud and be proud:

I have the potential for greatness
I know with every fiber of my being
That I deserve the success I want
And I know that I AM that success…

Be you. Be beautiful. Be blissfully blessed and have the confidence to go get whats yours…Bless up.