All In or All Out?

Nothing but 100% Will Do

Are you all-in? Or are you all out? There’s no middle ground in life. You’re either committed 100% or you’re short-changing not only yourself but also anyone else involved. That is selfish and unfair to anyone else in your life.

You can’t half-breath, right? There’s no half roller-skating. So, then why would you think you could half-anything?

Take trust, for example. You can’t half-trust someone. You either do or you don’t. There are no half-truths. It’s either true or it’s a lie. You’re half right would still make you wrong.

True, some events give half-credit for attempting something. A teacher may give you half-credit for a multipart answer. A store may give you a partial refund. But in reality, there are no rewards for half-efforts.

In relationships whether business, romantic or pleasure, there are no halves. Not with trust, nor truths, nor efforts. Especially not when it comes to love. You can not simply half-love someone.

Sound harsh? Well, I half agree. But when we engage in any endeavor be it platonic or otherwise, we are entering into a contract with others. Whether verbally or through a signed contract of some sort, we are agreeing to give it our best. And as any athlete will tell you, you’re best is giving 110%.

To win big, you’ve got to bet big. If you want to reap the rewards then you have got to take the risks involved. There is no glory in being a spectator. Playing the penny slots at the casino will not make you rich. So why would you think a minimal effort would pay off in real life?

You would never hear Michael Jordan say, “I gave 70% and that was enough for the win.” No chance in hell! You would never hear a contractor say that 80% of the painting is done so it’s all good. Nor would you accept the bill for only having 80% of your house painted.

So then, why would you give anything less than 100%? To quote Wallace Shawn’s character Vizzini in Princess Bride, “It’s inconceivable!” Here is your chance. It’s a brand new week. What are you going to do? Go all-in? Or lay up and go for par?

Luck is what you have left after you give 100%. -Langston Coleman

Luck is for suckers. The only thing that is acceptable is giving everything you’ve got. There is zero tolerance for a half-assed life. So roll up your sleeves and get to work.

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