Dear Self,

   We should stop being so hard on ourself for our mistakes, everyone makes them. It’s not like we went to bed last night and decided to oversleep this morning. We both know we didn’t mean to forget our lunch on the counter, and no- we didn’t forget our keys…this time.
   We should spend more time medititating in self-compassion and practicing self-love. We might just find we like the effects it has, such as less of these talks with ourself and a reduction in our anxiety level. I’ve read that just 5-10 minutes of mindful meditation on compassion is scientifically proven to reduce stress, lessen insecurities, improve and stabilize criticism of oneself, and even boost energy levels. I’m certain we will sleep better and wake up on time more often feeling refreshed instead of hurried.
   We need to slow down, self. We have to realize we’re not in our 20s  anymore. We need to take more time for our self-care, and less time scurrying about trying to accomplish everything in half the time needed to accomplish it all. We need to eat healthier, excerise more, and try to be the best us we can. We’re NOT getting any younger you know.
   Why don’t we make a deal, you and I. Because we both know we’re  in this together and if we work together and set a schedule for ourself, we will see how much more enjoyable life can be. We just need to be mindful of each others needs.
   I know you want to see everything and never miss a moment, but in the long run all we’re doing is missing the best moments because we’re not present in them. We’re too tired and run down to focus, we’re consistently worn down and stressed. I fear we may be headed towards a stroke, and let’s face it- you would hate for us to require someone to take care of us because we were no longer able.
   So let’s make a deal, self. Let’s promise to eat healthier, sleep more regularly, make time to meditate or just relax. Let’s agree to stop being so hard on ourself, and to learn to laugh more at The silly things we do. We need this. So what do ya say old chum? Can we slow down a bit?


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