An Open Letter to All Those Suffering

Good Friday afternoon universal travelers, I hope you’re all well and enjoying the blessings of today. Remember, no matter what happens that it could always be worse. We’re alive! That in itself is reason enough to give thanks and praise. Here’s your freeform Friday version of The Daily Kickstand & I hope y’all enjoy it.

This life is one crazy concept ain’t it? We’re born, thrust out of safety of mother’s womb and into this big bright world. We’re taught to believe certain “truths”. We’re brainwashed from day one to be a certain way and to act in a manner coinciding with the societal norms and culturally acceptable behavior.

We’re told to go to school, educate ourselves for the bright future ahead of us. 12-20 years of school we endure in order to do what? Prepare us for life after school, right? Hardly.

How many of us really had any clue what to do with our lives after high school? How about after college? How many of us have any clue what we’re doing now? Of course not. School fills up our days and minds with all the things that other people have done, it fails to teach us to figure out one very important facet of our lives- what are we going to provide? What are we going to add to the history books?

Some of us get lucky and at some point find our life’s true calling, while others settle for mediocrity in a 9-5 job we hate and working for a company that does not care if we are there or not. Does that fact make you angry? It should. It should anger you so much to the point that you seek out a life that truly suits you. That you refuse the naysayers their piece of mind is a testament to the power you hold over your own destiny. No one but yourself has sold you the lie that this is as good as it gets. You are the only one to blame for your unfulfilled dreams.

So then, what are YOU going to do about it? What is it that YOU want out of life? YOU are the only designer of your life. Everyone will have opinions, but this life is YOURS! The only person you have duty to is yourself, unless you’ve begun a family of your own. But I assure you that a happy fulfilled you will be a better provider for those you love.

So decide then universal traveler, what is it YOU want most in this life? The universe is saying to you, “I’ve seen you struggle, you’ve toiled long enough in pleasing everyone but yourself. What is it you want most to make YOU happy?”

Start today! It’s never too late to build the life you want until you are in the ground. So, whether you’re 18 or 82 or somewhere between, get out there today and create a life that truly fills your cup. You’ve got no one to blame for your life but yourself.

Be you. Be beautiful. Be blissfully blessed and out your name in the history books as someone who never settled for less than what they wanted and pull into the station hair all a mess, white-knuckled and screaming out, “Goddamn, that was one hell of a ride!!!”


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