An Open Letter To My Anxiety


Dear Anxiety,

   It’s not that I can’t appreciate your habit of coming along to teach me the need for urgency in reaching for my goals. Nor is it that I don’t see value in the lessons you’ve taught me concerning my rather unsavory habit of procrastination-I do. But I think your usefulness has past it’s prime.
   I no longer find motivation in the fears you’ve cultivated in me. I see no point in the stress and worry or constant nagging thoughts that keep me awake at night. I have no more patience for the panic attacks that have held me captive and unable to calm myself or catch my breath. Thanks, but enough is enough. We can’t keep meeting like this, really.
   I’m turning over a new leaf and starting today, I embrace those fears you once tormented me with. I will not be bullied or abused by your incessant belief that every fleeting possibility is a crisis of the grandest proportions-which in most cases certainly are not.
   So in closing dear friend, I am breaking up with you. It’s not me, it’s you Anxiety. You are the reason for so many chances I’ve blown when paralyzed by my fears. You are not my friend, nor are you welcome here anymore. Please Anxiety, don’t call. Do not write. In fact, it’d be best if we never see each other again. I’m not sorry, nor sad to see you go.


-P.S.-I have told your friends Doubt & Regret that you’ve moved as well.  I’ve also marked your hate mail, RETURN TO SENDER. ADDRESS UNKNOWN!!


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