An Open Letter to my Awakened Desire

Dearest Desire,

I know I’ve neglected you as of late. I’ve distracted myself with flights of fancy and hobbies too numerous to mention. Alas, all those scattered interests have given way to a higher calling, and its name is desire.

For too long I’ve settled for good enough. For too long I left you to sit on the docks fixing the mooring as I repeatedly ran this ship aground, but no more. No more will I ignore your pleading. No more will I avoid eye contact as you sat idle and anxious to take hold of the wheel.

I see you my awakened desire and I know you’ve been impatiently waiting for the levee to burst and emotion to come flooding back in with the wake of the flood. So here it is, the 100-year storm to be remembered for a lifetime, reawakened by a chance encounter of two old souls reconnecting.

I am conceding to you, my awakened desire. Now you shall take control of this heart. This vessel is yours to set sail upon the sea of emotion in search of a land to call our own. A destination that is known on the compass as true north now lights a new shore in which to call home. Pull anchors, set sail, and hold fast to the fair heart in which you have grown fond of. Sail on towards the port in which shall hold the truest of treasures, a heart & home.

Sincerely & Respectfully,

Cap’t. Kevin MacConkey- U.S.S. Awakening


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