An Open Letter To My Broken Heart

Dear Heart,

It will be alright. Better days and better love shall come our way. This heart that you yearned for was not yours to be matched. The Universe holds in store far greater for a strong heart such as you.

It is not your fault for the failure. No amount of trying or effort could possibly have undone the decades of damage your last mate contained. That damage was not yours to accept nor yours to fix. It was there before you and will be there long after you’ve moved on.

Truly, you are a good heart. Your fidelity and passions are unrivaled by most. So, please know my gentle warrior that you will love again. Please know, that there is one out there who will fill you with hope and a fire of love renewed.

It is not your place to fix everyone. It is not your duty to heal what is unknowingly broken. The responsibility is not yours to compensate for someone else’s misdeeds. You are not innocent, yet you’ve accounted for your missteps and made amends and apologies where able. You’ve done your part.

So in closing dear tender heart, do not lament the past nor ache for its return. Instead, look forward to the one who will love you as you are. For you are a good heart, a kind heart with love to match the one who will love you for you as you are scars and all. Move on brave heart, and be strong. For the right  heart is out there waiting to accept you and love you for all the rest of your days. It’s ok, you will be just fine.