An Open Letter to my Insomnia

Hey there-

I don’t know if you know this or not, but it’s 3:42 AM and here we are again tapping away at the keys. Why will you not let me sleep? If only I could just finish one more article, if only I could read two more chapters of this Ebook on funnel marketing and another on social media marketing, if only I could get this business card design done then tomorrow I could start sending out proposals for more freelance writing work– ENOUGH!

Please, dear lord, let my eyes close to rest. But here I sit, mind racing a mile a minute with the long list of things yet to be done. You just won’t let me procrastinate for a few hours to sleep. I think today I will go find someplace with a pool and lay around in the sun and hopefully, then you will let me sleep.

I won’t hold my breath, though. For here we are at 4am my dear friend insomnia. another minute passes, another worry keeps me awake. The kids will be up soon, I have to be up soon. Adulting becomes a chore when you do not let us sleep so, please! I beg of you! Just an hour or two of REM sleep so I can adult tomorrow instead of right now.

Good night sweet world, or so I hope!

A very tired Kevin

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