An Open Letter to my Long Lost Heart

Dear Heart,

I wish I weren’t so careless in my actions. I wish that you would see the sorrow I feel for having crossed you. I know that the best thing that ever happened is walking away because I have been a fool.

Oh, dear heart, I know you think that I don’t care and probably that I never did, but this is not the case. I only ever wanted to love you. I only wanted to live out my days in blissful harmony with you. and I am sorry for my careless and absent-minded behavior.

Please, dear heart, I beg you to return to me again and allow me to show you the depth of my love and care. I plead with you, sweet gentlest of hearts, for one more last chance to be the man you need and to shower you in the warmth of loving embrace for the rest of our days.

I have been a fool adrift in the sea of confusion, but make no mistake I have seen the horizon and it is bleak and barren without you dear heart. I am floundering to portside without the stability of your loving ballast. I tried to correct it, yet I only make matters worse.

I am eternally sorry dear heart for having abandoned you. I swear to you now before God, and all that read these words to never drift off course again if you would only return my crew to the U.S.S. Awakened Desire. I plead with you dear loving heart to forgive the careless actions of the captain of this ship and wish to restore your faith in my ability to set our course into the future.

Please dear loving heart of mine, I wish you return to your rightful place within my arms and into my chest. I am lost at sea without you, and I do not wish to see another sunset without you here with me.

Eternally yours,

The Captain of the U.S.S. Awakened Desire