An open letter to optimism

Hey there!

So I see you’ve got grand ideas for the upcoming year? Well, I think that is just fantastic, really.

You see, I’ve seen you struggling the last few years. I’ve seen you get your hopes up, and have them shattered in an instant. I’ve seen your absolute jubilation over that big promotion you got awhile back, even if it was only a short-lived company.

I wept at your heartbreak and celebrated your newfound sense of optimistic glee. I watched as it fell out from under you without warning.

Yet you remain…

No matter the trial or tragedy, you have remained in my corner ever vigilant to see that I do not give up. For how could I?

You won’t let me…

Yes, my friend your positive thinking has got me thinking positive and so I write this letter to you, dear optimism in order to say thank you!

Your bright and cheery demeanor when life takes a you-know-what on you-know-who, your always here making it stink just a little bit less.

Your Pal,


P.S.- Thanks for reaching out to those who needed it the most! If someone you know needs a lift, maybe share this letter with them. You never know who needs a kickstand to keep from falling down.

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