An open letter to our anniversary!

Hey folks!

So my baby is 1-year old officially! was birthed online in its current incarnation one year ago!

I’m so very blessed to have spent this time with you growing together. I do hope you will continue to join us as we build to bigger and better things! Here’s how you can stay informed and up to date:


More great content for you!

We strive to publish relevant articles for our readers and in 2017 will be posting a touch less but, in doing so, we are aiming to bring you better, more engaging content across all of our digital brand pages.

Coming Soon:

  • New eBooks on relationships, communication, mindfulness, and self-care
  • New e-learning courses designed to help unlock your greatest version of you, and many more wonderfully blessed surprises!
  • Sunday Morning Service Live Videos


I am grateful to have you all here with us as we continue to grow. Be you. Be beautiful. Be blissfully blessed!



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