1000 Apologies & a Plea of Forgiveness

Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.

-Bruce Lee

Forgiveness is the true sign of grace and compassion

We talk a lot about forgiveness at The Daily Kickstand and for good reason. To forgive someone who has wronged you is the ultimate test of grace and compassion. While not always an easy task, it is seldom not worth it.

Mistakes are what make us human. We all make them to some degree, and while some make more than others they are almost always forgivable.

When someone has wronged us to the point of heartbreak and emotional distress, we can do nothing but try to understand why they did what they have done and attempt to offer forgiveness.

Apologies, amends, and heartfelt honesty

When we make a mistake, when we screw up so badly that it hurts someone else, we have but one choice. We must make apologize and do whatever it takes to make amends. It is then that we might ask forgiveness.

1000 Apologies, #Forgiveness #RelationshipsOur apology must come from the heart, no matter how bad it pains us to admit we were wrong we must try.

Our plea of mercy cannot include rationalizations or reasoning. It is a simple offering of acknowledgment that we have hurt someone or broken their trust, and nothing more. Then, we must find a way to offer amends to the one(s) we have hurt. It is imperative that we do our best to level the damage with an appropriate offering from the heart.

Lastly, we need to explain to the one(s) we have hurt how we intend to ensure that the infraction or wrong-doing will never happen again. We must offer a form of guarantee that we have learned our lesson,  and provide evidence that we have learned it and that we will not make this misstep another time.

It is then, and only then that we may ask forgiveness. If we have done all these things to the best of our ability, we may ask for another chance to redeem ourselves. But, be aware that the other party may not be ready to do so.


Forgiving those who have broken our trust

Forgiveness says you are given another chance to make a new beginning.

-Desmond Tutu

We cannot change the past, none of us can. We can only seek to improve the future. And while we may wish to erase the past and start again we can only start a new beginning. Our past is a reminder that we are all fallible.

It was said in the bible, “let he amongst you without sin cast the first stone.” Therefore, I see no stones able to be thrown for we are all guilty of the sins of our past.

However, forgiveness of others is the ultimate penance for our past sins. To deny someone forgiveness would be to deny ourselves that same right. It may be hard and it may hurt to do so but it is as much to free ourselves as it is to release our aggressors.

In matters of love, forgiveness of infidelity can be especially trying and hard. Yet, all the same, we must forgive. Even when we wish to remain angry, we must remember that our forgiveness does not forget what happened but it allows for a reconciliation of hearts.

Some of the greatest loves are born of these reconciled pasts. It takes a strong will to admit our wrongs, apologize, and ask forgiveness; it takes an even stronger one to forgive and offer a second chance.

Still further, it takes the strongest of hearts to offer up a chance at rebuilding what was once torn down. It is not easy, but I guarantee it is worth it.

Caveat Lector:

I am a man as any other, and I ask of those I have hurt for the chance to rebuild the trust and love once shared.