Be Fearless & Play

Transcending Fears in Everyday Life

To be fearless is to be without fear. That’s a given, but what exactly does it mean to truly be free from fear? It is the ability to transcend fear and do that which you are afraid of anyways. It is to laugh in the face of your fears and say, “You do not scare me, you do not define me, you will not stop me!”

Being fearless isn’t being 100% not fearful. It is being terrified but jumping anyways. -Taylor Swift

I can personally attest to being terrified of heights, however when my girlfriend wanted to go on the giant swings at the fair I sucked it up and got over it and went on with her. I will not sit here and lie I wanted to piss myself, but the smile on her face was enough to dig deep and find the courage to do so.

As a musician, there have been plenty of times I’ve been nervous or fearful of a crowd. But as they say in showbiz, the show must go on. So in that instant, I had two choices. Either I backed out of the gig & didn’t get paid and most importantly disappoint those that came out to support me, or, I push myself out on stage and let whatever is going to happen, happen. If I tanked and froze up so be it.

I’ll admit this, as hard as it was to stay calm and will myself into action, I’ve never regretted doing so. In the end, I’ve always felt silly for being so nervous. Fear almost stopped me from some of the best moments of my career. But I’m very thankful it didn’t.

A few key things happen when we are faced with fear. First off, our Amygdala sends a signal to our autonomic nervous system to help us prepare. Our ANS then speeds up our heart rate, raises our blood pressure and releases adrenaline into our system. As part of our “fight or flight” response, the blood is rushed down to the extremities to enable us to flee.

Our ancestors needed this ability to flee to keep themselves from becoming dinner. However, in today’s world, we need to use our brains to plan and reasonably think, more than our legs to flee. So, how do we combat the body’s natural shutting down of our mind to accommodate our need to flee?

Enter our favorite hero at The Daily Kickstand, mindful meditation. When we practice mindful meditation, we recondition our brains to acknowledge and release our attachments to certain things. Typically, these are things that no longer serve our interests.

When dealing with our fears, it works to our benefit to incorporate a guided meditation to transcend our fears. If you’re looking for guided meditations, has some good ones. Try out a few variations and see what works best for you.

Being fearless is not an absence of fear but it is instead facing your fears and transcending them in a positive way. There is nothing in this world that can stop a positive mindset. So get out there- Be fearless and play!




6 thoughts on “Be Fearless & Play”

  1. Most of the times we grow after encountering our biggest fears, be it the fear of not being surrounded and pampered by our close ones, be it the fear of loosing people , fear of meeting new people, being at new places and even the fear of loosing something that means a lot to us at a given time. Once we encounter this fear, we realize that Now What’s next?? This was a big one that I have over come!! Is there still something left that can scare me? something that I can fear of? This moment opens new doors of opportunities for us and we move forward.
    Great post.