Becoming Our True Selves

Our past does not define who we become

The past is not who we are, only where we’ve been

We are not defined by our past. True, it has shaped the knowledge we have gained from trial and error, but it does not define who we are. The only thing that can determine our current value or position in life is the choices we make from day to day and the lessons we learn from our mistakes.


Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over & over expecting different results.”

~Albert Einstein


Expectations are nothing more than invited disappointments


We’ve all done it before, and you know it. So what? I have too. Yep, you heard it straight from the horse’s hypocrite mouth and guess what?

I’m not ashamed of it. I am human, sue me!

It is completely natural to have certain expectations in life. For instance, depending on the place we grow up, we are instilled with certain cultural or ethical expectations of adherence to basic societal norms.

We have the ingrained expectation that if we let someone into our lives, that they will treat us with the same care and respect as we treat them. Yet, is that ever how it really goes?

For that matter, are we ever 100% in compliance with that time-tested Golden Rule? Of course not! We too are human and as such we are subject to the basic follies of our personhood.

Nobody is perfect and that’s a fact. To some degree, we may manage to have moments when we are so dialed in and on-point that we can temporarily flirt with perfection in a singular action or event and at others, perhaps we can even sell the illusion of perfection. However, that is all perfection is a fleeting moment of synchronicity or an illusion of having our shit together.

Therefore, if we ourselves are not perfect beings of light, but rather perfectly imperfect works-in-progress…How in the hell can we expect it from someone else? By expecting someone to be solid every moment of every day is not only ludicrous, it is downright beyond sheer stupidity!

Expecting that another person will know what we are thinking, wishing, or hoping they will do is simply inviting disaster to our doorstep and then leaving the door wide-open for it to stroll through.

Be clear in your needs & wants or sob silently to yourself

To avoid that inevitable let down of expectation, being certain of our wants versus our needs and communicating them clearly is of utmost importance. After all, if we aren’t for sure what we want how should anyone else be?

Identify and separate your needs from your wants. Ask only for what you need and do so clearly and concisely. If we are of the habit to only ask for the things we truly need, we are that much more likely to have them granted to us.

But once we begin clouding up our needs with daydreams, we begin to leave room for misinterpretation both from others and from the Universe.

So, be clear and purposeful in your needs and wants, and manifest that which you truly need. Abundance is attainable, but abundance is not simply having whatever we wish

Abundance is simply having everything that we need.

If you are lacking that which you truly need, then reassess your intentions, adjust your actions and verbiage accordingly and manifest what it is you truly want. Abundance is ours if we clear out enough space in our lives by eradicating the garbage and that which is no longer useful in our life. This could be physical or metaphorical clutter. Thoughts and memories that are no longer purposeful to teach us what we need to know, can clutter our lives as well.

Thoughts become things, so choose good ones!

Be Blessed!