The importance of your choices in communication

The beautiful disaster of a self-destructive path

“Self conceit can lead to self destruction.”


We all make bad choices at times, and most times, we escape the destruction that could have been caused by our own actions. At times it’s a downright miracle that more damage wasn’t done in our wake.

If loose lips sink ships, then the whole fleet might go down if you’re not more particular with your words. A misspoken or misplaced adjective might just end you up in the soup.

It hurts to think confidently to ourselves that we are so on top of the game only to realize that most of our life crisis’ are really just our own absent minded thoughts coming to haunt us.

Speak clearly and say what you mean

If we wish to be effective communicators, we must be clear and concise in our words. We must be open and honest, yet firm and confident.

These are the tools to effective communication.Without them, we simply cannot be understood by those we wish to effectively engage with.

No matter how hard you might try, it takes all parties equally engaging openly and freely to work towards a mutually beneficial resolution.  without clear, concise communication there can be no understanding.

In addendum, without clear and concise communication there can be no understanding. Without understanding, there is no prospect of compromise nor of an accord.

All those involved in the discussion absolutely must be willing participants and also equally invested in the outcome.

It takes calm, collected and educated negotiation of the most honest nature in order to serve all sides. No amount of half-truths or manipulations can be lobbied or humored. To be put simply:

Say what you mean, and only say the things that you mean to say.

Expectations are simply invited disappointments

When we enter into any situation, of course, it helps to have objectives. However, maintaining a clear set of objectives or optimal takeaway points is far different than walking into a negotiation with expectations.

Expectations are nothing more than let downs that we invite into our existence. It is not rational or prudent to wade into any engagement with the notion that things are going to go exactly your way.

So, to be upset or cry foul when things fall apart is nobody’s fault but your own. Grow up, get over it, and learn better communication skills. Or, just enlist a more solid speaker to debate on your behalf.

Do NOT waffle or waver in front of nor from your counterpart

An obvious sign of a weakened position or one of no weight or good standing is inherent when an aggressive push from your counterpart in discussion causes one to back peddle or falter and change position. State your position, listen carefully to the rebuttal, and then firmly offer up a retort- or concede.

In the face of an aggressive approach, you absolutely must be firm and confident in your response. Anything else, and it shows weakness and it will be blood in the water.

Be confident and be prepared are the key takeaways!