Communicating our Vulnerability

You show your vulnerability through relationships, and those feelings are your soft spot. You need to have a soft spot.

-Victoria Pratt

Communicating openly

Despite how we were raised, being vulnerable is not necessarily a bad thing. Our vulnerability and the uncertainty of life go hand in hand. It is that exposed weakness within us that opens us up to the richness of life as well.

In order to fully communicate our feelings, we need to first be open and vulnerable so that we are capable of being compassionate and understanding towards those we mean to communicate with.


Finding our truth & owning it

Most of us hide our true feelings and vulnerabilities away somewhere deep inside for safe keeping. But, what really happens is that we rob ourselves of the power within us. Yes-true inner power comes from being completely exposed.

Top performers in any field will tell you, once you’ve taken out any reservation and owned your abilities and flaws only then can you truly give a top-level performance.

  • a singer-songwriter creates the most powerful and emotionally moving piece when they are writing from their place of pure joy or absolute pain.
  • a top=level athlete gives his or her best effort when they no longer worry about failing and instead give it everything they’ve got risking all.
  • a motivational coach or speaker will give the most stirring and empowering speech that truly causes lasting impact and change when they have first shown their vulnerability, found their truth, and owned it up on stage for the world and their clients to see.


So, what does it mean to find our truth?

Finding our truth means finding our unique voice that is within us. That unique voice is the result of our trials and triumphs. It is the culmination of our life as we see it.

The truth of our vulnerability is as different as our individuality. What holds true for you might not hold the same weight for me, and that is ok. Our individual truth or reality is colored by our perception of it.

In other words, it is subjective to each observer. This is why no two people tell the same story exactly alike. We have different personal attachments to different parts of it.


Resolving our fear of letting others get close

It would seem that some people are terrified of letting another get close to them. It makes sense if you think about it too. Most of us have an instance we can recall where we let someone into our hidden reality and maybe that person took advantage of that trust.

We may have an innate fear of letting others see the real us for fear they may reject us. However, those that are truly meant to be in our worlds will accept us no matter how dark our past may be. So we create different masks to wear in different situations.

The masks we wear from day to day are what we create to hide the various emotional pain we have endured.

Some of us wear a mask to hide our insecurity. Others to hide our loneliness. Still, some masks hide our authenticity for fear of being ridiculed for the way we see things. All of these masks hide who we really are on the inside and this creates a dissonance with the world around us.

In order to resolve this dissonance we must rid ourselves of these masks, let go of the facades that color how others see us and stand naked and exposed to the world around us despite our fears.

It is then and only then, that we are free to truly share our flawed beauty with the world. It is at this point in which we no longer hide the best parts of ourselves away and only then that we can truly tap into our unique power of being.


Authenticity of being ourselves

The authenticity of who we really are is the most powerful version of ourselves that ever was or will be. The masks we wear will fall away and our true self is exposed to the public eye and we are then freed of the facades that once held us back.

Our true nature allows us to act without reservation in any circumstance in which we find ourselves. We open to the possible greatness within us and we can then use our vulnerabilities to transcend any situation we find ourselves in.

The authenticity of being ourselves and the communication of our vulnerabilities allow us to be of greater service to the world around us.It is then that we find ourselves open to the beauty of calamity and the ability to overcome any downfall.









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