Compassion, Respect, & Integrity

If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.

-Ronald Reagan

Solidarity for humanity will help “make America great again”


So, here we are. It is Novemeber 10th as I am writing this post, and in America, we have a new president. Donald Trump.

A quick caveat: I am going back on my decision not to write anything about the election or who’s president, but I do so because as a nation we are severely divided. The rift between red and blue or democrat and republican is wider now so more than ever.

We are no longer one nation under God indivisible. We are a fractured and heartbroken country at odds with one another. For some, the heartbreak of defeat and others the gluttony of victory is all too much. Tensions are high and social media channels are ablaze with hateful rhetoric from every angle.

Tensions are high and social media channels have been ablaze for months with hateful rhetoric from every angle. This will not do!

Compassion, respect, and integrity can heal this once great nation

Well, short of voter fraud, recount challenges, or God forbid, an assassination attempt it would appear that we will be on this path for the next 4 years. For some, this is unbearable and yet others have begun using Donald Trump’s divisive speeches to perpetuate their hateful agenda’s.

How can we restore the state of the union to it’s once proud and gracious stature? How do we move forward from here and open a dialogue of tolerance and humility and grace? How do we heal?, respect, integrity to Make America great again

Statue of Liberty

Compassion is needed from all sides in order to come together and stand tall together as Lady Liberty has stood watch over our Eastern shoreline for centuries. Not just an “Awww, that’s too bad for you guys” form of compassion, but a deep and acknowledging acceptance of the hurt that some have with the loss of hope they may be feeling.


In addition to offering compassion to those that differ from opinion, we must respect our neighbors. Regardless of their race, creed, religion, sexual preferences, or political affiliation we must respect our Declaration of Independence; a document that has always made our country the greatest nation on Earth.

Life, Liberty, & the pursuit of Happiness

These 3 “unalienable rights” are what our great nation was founded on. It is a belief that our service men & women have bravely fought and died for. It is the premise in which we have attempted to spread the world over. (sometimes even when unwelcomed)

It was the thread that bound us together in the days that followed September 11th, and it is the tie that binds us even today. We just need to remember this.

In moving forward, our resolve must be to restore integrity to the flag and heal the wounds of our divided land.

Eagle Vision Medicine

An incredibly insightful friend and mindful colleague of mine, Anandha Ray sent me a stirring email of a post on Eagle Vision and some seriously powerful medicine to help us all through these turbulent times.

She also posted it on her facebook page, and with her permission I would like to share a part of  it with you. Click here if you would like to read her entire post.

I highly recommend checking it out! Her words are as beautiful as the point she makes.

To paraphrase her post, she invites us all to purge our feelings of sadness and hurt and Compassion, respect, & Integrity make America Great again. Eagle Vision

The Bald Eagle- Symbol of American Freedom & the National Bird

grieve as we feel to do so.


Begin your healing internally, personally allowing yourself the time to acknowledge and accept your feelings and to grieve as we deem necessary in order to process the current events in whatever way we may need. Take all the time that you need as this was a highly emotional event for many of us. And moving forward, more will be affected and perhaps alienated. So, process how you must.

When you feel you are ready, she asks that we join her in sending our collective subconscious a message renewal of the Eagle Spirit that once made America the amazing place it is to live.

She invites us all to invoke Eagle Vision by splashing sacred water (*of any kind: Holy/blessed, rain, moon-charged, water with essential oils, or any water that is sacred to you and your personal beliefs) 3 times as we recite the words:

 “I Am Pure”

While invoking our inner purity and call in Eagle Medicine to your life. Eagle medicine teaches us clarity of vision to see the bigger picture. Eagles soar the upper altitudes nearest the Sun Gods & Goddesses yet can see the smallest of prey hiding in the field.

Anandha encourages us to use this medicine to help guide us through the darkness as we move forward. Also to focus on our purpose. That vision of a positive goal will get us all through these dark and troubled times.

Thank you, Anandha! It was inspirational and right on!

Our differences are what make us the greatest nation that ever was

As a country, we have often found ourselves divided. We have repeatedly segregated our society in a multitude of classifications and categories. Yet, one common theme remains true to our nature: At some point, we resolve those differences and band together in forgiveness and become a people united again.

Think I am wrong? Here are a few examples in which we the people have overcome differences to aid our communities:

  • Slavery
  • Women’s Lib
  • LGBTQIA Rights
  • Recovery after the 9/11 Attacks
  • Hurricane’s Katrina, Andrew, and Irene
  • Numerous shootings and massacre’s Compassion-respect-integrity, Make America Great AgainThere of course, are more examples, but the point remains that “We the people of the United States of America” are a resilient bunch. We survived 8 years of George Dubya and then went and made history electing the nation’s first black president.

We will survive the leadership of an arrogant, racist and chauvinist leader whose name is on countless buildings in N.Y.C.

Why? Because we are a nation forged by overcoming adversity and difference. We were bred from revolution because our forefathers believed in a better way of life.

We will survive these dark times as well. How? Through compassionate, respectful integrity of character and the resolve to rise above hatred and repression once again to restore our virtue and “Make America Great Again”!

Be you! Be Beautiful! Be blissfully blessed that we have the right in America to voice our discontent with our government free from reprisal.

We can celebrate our differences instead of attacking each other for them. I promise you this:

  • you will not lose your job to a Mexican
  • you will not be turned gay or lesbian by allowing them to marry
  • a wall will not prevent terrorists, drugs, or immigrants from entering the country
  • In addition to the above statement, 98% of Americans come from immigrant roots
  • Having a particular viewpoint does not make you any better than anyone else
  • Intolerance and ignorance only make you look like a fool
  • In addition to the above statement, arguing with fools only makes you a bigger fool
  • Compassion, respect, love, and integrity can restore balance to our society


…Just sayin’.











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