Compassion:You are not alone

Compassion. What does it mean to you? I’d always thought it was simply a word we used saying hey, I get what ya feel and I’m sorry you have to deal with it. But it encompasses so much more than that. It is something inside that is a deep affinity for the reality in which the objective person we hold compassion for is living. Or rather a connection to that raw emotion and a sincere hope that they may get through or overcome that which vexes them.

We may have compassion for a variety of people, a group or a singular person for any number of reasons. We can even feel compassion towards ourselves. In fact, most of us could probably show a bit more compassion towards ourselves and stop down talking ourselves.

When we have compassion for someone or something, we in a manner say, we truly appreciate the persona efforts despite what they’re going through, that we hope they transcend this hardship, and that they are not alone.

But then, what about being compassionate to ourselves? We are just as worthy as anyone, else aren’t we? The practice of self-compassion is the art of allowing ourselves to feel the way in which we feel. It is allowing me to be sad if I am sad, and you to be angry of that’s your true emotion. Also, it is out own way of being able to will ourselves through something if you will. Trust me, it’s no easy task sometimes, but always worth it.

We may even at times feel compassion towards an enemy, bully, or some other agitator of our happiness bubble. This is I believe the highest form of compassion and also the hardest to become adept.

When we show compassion to someone who has wronged or upset us, it is in hopes they transcend the pain they experienced that leads them to act this way to others. It is an ultimate act of forgiveness in attempting to fully comprehend their suffering.

Regardless of whom we show compassion towards, we are right in doing so. Not only have we released ourselves from the burden of the situation, but hopefully we’ve helped another through a rough spot. An act of compassion is a miracle enacted. So, be that miracle today!

2 thoughts on “Compassion:You are not alone”

  1. You have written beautifully an expressed this incredibly. I wonder how many actually n truely live by this. There r so many who fall short n live with pain daily isolating or those who are like sponges constantly being compassionate. Balance an knowledge is a key. Peace n love.