Create a Tribe of Love in Your Life

There is good in all of us. Even the saddest soul has a light that burns brighter than the darkness that clouds their vision. Sometimes we get lost. Sometimes we get so far off our path it may take a destructive force that nearly takes us out to sea to find the safe harbor free from the rocky points in life.

When we are off our path, when we are so hopelessly lost that we are unable to see our way back, it takes a tribe of love and light to guide us back to where we belong. There are a million things that can lead us astray of our true path. All it takes is one good shove back in the right direction, and sure as daylight, the Universe wishes us to be back on it.

Our tribe is always our closest ally when we’re in spiritual distress. They will find us when we are in need even if they themselves do not understand their purpose in it yet. Countless are the people that I cross paths with who may be lost themselves. I find that if take the time to hear their stories, I’m reminded of my healing nature and that there is a purpose for this “chance encounter”.

If we are mindful and remain open, we will find those that need our help. And we have the innate ability to aid them with real, powerful medicine if we only listen to the Universe and the messages it sends. When we ourselves are lost, if we remain present we will find a beacon in the strangest of places.

We do not choose our tribe. Our tribe chooses us. Long before we are born, our spirits were connected in the cosmos. Long after we’re gone our souls will still be linked permanently in the ethereal realms, longing to be reunited with our brethren and sistren.

I find myself today, back on my path of healing others. I am grateful for this path and this gift. I am blessed to have you in my tribe. Bless up and may the four winds blow you once again towards home.



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