Daily Kickstand 9.18.16

Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.

-Bob Marley


I will forgive those who have hurt me in my past so that I may be open to the one who wants to love me today.


Everyone you fell in love with probably caused you some pain somewhere along the line. The real trick is not in avoiding heartache, but in dealing with it and moving forward free of the baggage that our past left behind. It’s far too common that we get into a new relationship without fully getting over our past.

This notion of just keep moving forward is not the way. We need to accept our past, learn from it and then be able to move forward educated with the lessons our past has taught us, but not afraid of repeating the same patterns and certainnly not afraid of opening our hearts to someone new.

I’m just as guilty as the next of over-reacting based on my experience from a past relationship. I am human, just like you all. I can’t always control my fears or emotions regardless of how in tune I am with myself. Sometimes, I just get freaked out. That is ok, but it’s what we do during those freak out moments that makes all the difference.

If you’ve stumbled, if you’ve freaked out and caused a separation of the one you love and yourself, I have advice for you in todays mantra.

Forgive Yourself. Forgive Them. Let Love In Again.

It’s not easy. At times we may wonder if we’re making a mistake to invite disaster into our lives once again. But if they have expressed remorse and are willing to prove their love and devotion through consistency of action, then we need to consider if the risk is worth the reward. Is the loving relationship we had with this person and all the possibilities abound worth the chance that they may disappoint us again?

In matters of the heart and instances of love, I say the risk is always worth the possible rewards. Forgive and know that everyone sometimes needs a second chance at showing their true color of love.