Daily Kickstand Mantra 9.29.16

Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do.

I will trust in my intuition today.


Who here second guesses themselves?

If your hand isn’t raised then I’ll call you a wonderful liar. It’s ok. It doesn’t make us less of a person because we have second thoughts or doubts that we’ve made the right choice.

We are all fallable and most of all, human. This is our blessing and our curse. However, we are blessed in the ability to change our mind, alter our fate, and also to learn from our mistakes.

However, we all could use a lesson in being more kind and considerate to our inner-child. Poor lil fella gets a lot of crap, and is largely ignored by most of us. I’m guilty as the rest, buttoday I vow to be more open to the voice inside of me that tells me what to do. I encourage you all to try it with me.

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Bless Up!