Daily Mantra

I am the only one responsible for my own happiness.

Truer words can not be expressed here. The only person in charge of making you happy, if making you feel complete is yourself. 

Some where along the way, we got things twisted. We began to look outward for an answer that has always resided deep inside of each of us.

The sooner we realize this and quit relying on others to make us feel normal  (whatever that is), the sooner we can begin living a life wide open and free from the paparalyzing fear of being alone.

Try this mantra in for size, and realize that you are fully capable of being alone without feeling lonely.

Be you! Be beautiful! Be blissfully blessed! Stop running away from yourself & see how amazing you truly are.

#Daily Mantra, #Alone Not Lonely

5 thoughts on “Daily Mantra”

  1. The truth of this is what so many people need to realize. Its not how others see you, its how you see yourself and once one can finally love themselves for who they are, they truly can be happy and live the life they choose.

  2. What a lovely post! I wrote a similar one a short while back. And isn’t it true, that happiness does come from within, and we can only be truly happy when we realize this and take control over our lives.