Do Not Miss the Beauty of the Rose

While Studying the Thorn:

Everything will come to you in the right moment. So, do not fret the days nor count the months. Take no stock in what you do not have. For all good things come in all good time.

Often times, we have the tendency to stress that which has not happened yet. It makes little sense, though. Because, as sure as the sun rises and sets the days will come and the days will go. If we are to focus on that which is not ours or not ours yet, then it is akin to missing the beauty of the rose while studying the thorn.

Sounds foolish right? Why would one focus on the pain in life and not the beauty? It’s true that the cloudy day helps remind us of the blessings of the sun. However, the cloud that blocks the sun may bring with it the rain that helps to nurture the rose. So you see, the cloud as well is vital for the rose to bloom.

So too, are the troubled times necessary to help us grow and blossom into the full nature of ourselves. The Universe knows what we need to grow us into the best version of ourselves, we only need to let it do what it will.

A life worth living is to avoid not stunting our own growth by avoiding the natural suffering that is part of life & essential to personal growth and self-improvement.

Playing it safe will most likely earn us a long life. However, it is earning us a long life in which we will never truly have lived. Useless is a boat that never sees the water. A life of safety is a boat on barren, dry land; rarely will we find the beauty that is the rose of life.

So take chances. For in doing so, you are forcing yourself to grow in ways the Universe intended. For in doing so, you are nearing the best version of yourself. Bless up!

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