Don’t Stress, Let it Process

It Takes Time to Build a Masterpiece

Do me a favor? Breathe. You know that thing that’s been on your mind all night, the one that kept you awake late, and was the reason you can’t find your car keys this morning? Breathe and let go of your stress. It’s all going to work out.

Rome was not built in a day, that’s a fact. To be honest, it takes some time to paint a masterpiece. This is especially so when we’re talking about creating the life you’ve always wanted for yourself. No one is expecting miracles overnight and if they are, you’re kicking it with the wrong folks.

Maybe you’re stumped or stuck on a specific problem in your life. Or, maybe you’re just stuck. Either way, you want to get unstuck right? Well, what if I told you the way to get unstuck is simple? Let go of other people’ss expectations of what you ought to be doing with your life. Because, bottom line is- they don’t have to live with it.

The only person you have to make happy is yourself. As long as you can do that, and avoid harming anyone else or preventing them from being happy, then do your thing you crazy, beautiful soul. Life is about living, if you’re not making progress then you could be stagnated or worse yet backsliding.

Life is about living, if you’re not making progress then you could be stagnated or worse yet backsliding. The only thing worse than hitting rock bottom is hovering 2 inches off the sea floor. You’re suspended in limbo with no way to pull yourself up or push off the bottom.

So remember, count your blessings more often than you count your problems. Be grateful for the things in your life, even the hard lessons because, ultimately they are the culmination of your life experience. If anyone judges you for doing the best you can to keep positive and stay happy, you can tell them they can go to hell.

Judge not lest ye be judged. –Bible (Matthew 7:1)

I always try and look at it this way, if you follow your dreams you may end up falling, but if you stand still you’ll miss the bus to your bliss. So, if everyday you remind yourself to make one huge intentional step towards your goals, not only will you reach them sooner, but you will also unstick yourself from whence you once were.

Surround yourself with positive & mindful influences. Most people out there don’t want to see you succeed because they’re also stuck. Do not stagnate yourself for someone else’s whim. Instead, we can aim to try and empower them to get moving too. If they choose to stay stuck, then we do what we must and leave them in the rearview. It’s either that, or be dragged down yourself.

You can change your own life simply by changing your mindset. Unfortunately, this is not true for other people. You can’t change their mindset for them. All you can do is arm them with the knowledge to help themselves. Ultimately however, you owe it to yourself to do what is right for you.

C’mon now, get out into the world and do something worthwhile for yourself. Stop making excuses and start making a plan and a path. You’ve got what it takes to make this made-up-mountain your bitch! I’ll see you at the top!