Don’t Stress The Process

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you all had a great day.
I was a little under the weather, so I took today off entirely to rest. Here’s today’s Daily Kickstand, it’s a repost from the other blog but a good one just the same & not to mention it’s the last repost, so from here on out only new content for you guys.

So you’ve had a setback. So your life isn’t what you thought it’d be by now. Maybe those hopes and dreams of being a rock star,or movie star, or the next big scientist with a theory of the universe
weren’t what the universe had in mind for you. Maybe you’re blessed to live an average life. There’s nothing wrong with that, millions of us do it everyday.

So what now do we do with this average life? What is left to feel good about? How do we go on having our hopes crushed by the weight of these feelings of inadequacy? Well good news, you just do.

I wish there was a magick pill to swallow so the harsh reality stung a little bit less, but to tell the truth all we can be is what the universe intends us to be. We are flawed, & not perfect. It’s ok. We are human beings & not gods. It’s ok. We are fallible in every way, and that’s ok too. As long as we wake each day and try the best we can then we have never failed. If everyday we try our best to better than the day before, we are on the right path. You and I have not failed until the day we stop trying.

So you tried and missed your mark. End of the world? I hardly think so. Get up, dust off and give it another go. It’s all that we can do. Try your hardest no matter what you are up against and believe me the success comes. Maybe not in the attaining what we want, but by learning the lessons that we need.

Believe me, the universe has your back. It will nudge you in the direction it wants you to go to realize your true value, your true position in this time and space. Don’t rush towards the grave, just enjoy every step along your path.

After all, you and I we’re not so different. We are just stardust on the side of the universal highway. Sometimes we come together to do great things, and others we just rattle around blindly hoping for a familiar home.

Wherever we end up though we’re right where we should be. So dont stress the process. Just keep on your path and youll find soon enough what moment is yours to keep. Be you. Be beautiful. Be blissfully blessed and remember, any given moment  could be your chance to shine. Dont miss it by constantly mourning yesterday. Bless up.



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