Eating Ice Cream With Chopsticks: A Metaphor for Life

What does it mean to eat ice cream with chopsticks? Sounds impossible, right? Well, I assure you it is not. Nor am I actually talking about literally eating ice cream with chopsticks. I live in Phoenix, AZ and that would be virtually impossible. I’m speaking metaphorically of course.

Eating ice cream with chopsticks, or doing the impossible every day is a simple mindset. It says I can do it and I will do it. It is all about having the gumption to try. Like it or not the only risk in life is not taking one. Sure, sitting on the sidelines is a sure way not to get hurt, it’s also the recipe for failure. And it’s a luxury most of us do not have.

Let’s go back to the metaphorical heritage of this article. If you were starving and needed to eat, yet all you had was ice cream, and the only tools you had to eat it were chopsticks- you’d do what it took, right? Yes, I’m aware that you could let the ice cream melt and drink it or use your hand but, for the sake of the point, let’s not overthink this.

The point of it is doing whatever it takes to get done what you need to do. Some would call it hustle, some would call it grind. I call it eating ice cream with chopsticks. And before you dig in there are a few things to take notice of.

  • Have you checked for an easier way? There’s no point to making life harder than it has to be. We’re not showing off some odd new trend, the point of any endeavor is always to work smarter not harder. But also to get the job done. So look around for other ways to accomplish your task.
  • Assess your timeline. Maybe you have the time to let things thaw and then you can tackle your tasks with ease. If not, then chop-chop. (Sorry, not sorry.)
  • Is your method going to achieve the results you need? Can you actively do what it is you set out to do this way? Or, is it just going to create a bigger mess?

Our boss at work will demand results. So, it is ultimately vital we accomplish the objective. Our lives sometimes dictate our pace and our responsibilities sometimes just can not wait for more favorable conditions. So, when you find yourself in a time crunch without the necessary tools it becomes important to think outside of the carton (get it? Lol.)

#impossible, #Success, #LifeRoll up your sleeves. Find your approach. Get results. You can do anything you set your mind to doing. Haters will hate, but doers are going to do. Question is, which one are you?