Forgiveness:The Key to a Happy Healthy Life

Forgiveness these days seems to be a long forgotten practice in popular culture. It seems everywhere one turns the evidence piles up. Suzy so and so did this, Bobby never does this! Nag, nag, nag, whine, piss, and moan. Whatever happened to the notion of letting bygones be bygones and getting the hell over it? Wake up people! Your refusal to forgive only lets those that wrong you live in your head rent-free & ultimately spoils your chance at true happiness.

Forgiveness is such an easy concept and it’s essential for your health. The Journal of Behavioral Medicine lists forgiveness as a key factor in lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, overall good heart health and a lowered stress level. And a later study positively attributed it to the improvement of 5 key health indicators to include:

  • Physical Symptoms
  • Medicines Prescribed
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep Quality
  • Somatic Complaints

In addition, reduced symptoms of depression, strengthened spirituality, conflict management, and stress management are all side effects attributed to the benefits of forgiveness on overall health. So it pays well (ness) to forgive others (see what I did there?)

When we forgive someone, it not only restores positive thoughts & behaviors towards those that hurt us and leads to a restoration of a positive state of affairs in any relationship but, it also overflows into our relationships with others as well according to Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin. It is also associated with an increase in volunteerism & charitable actions. Increased overall altruism is also a decided addition to the list of beneficial results of forgiveness. The lack of forgiveness, however equally & inversely attributes itself to the adverse reactions.

Forgiveness of others is not only to repair damaged relations with others, but it also frees us of the negative recall and experience of that confrontation which vexes us. For instance, if we remove our hand from a flame, we have removed the negative experience of our discomfort. The same effect is true with forgiving someone for that which upset us. We release ourselves from the negative experience and restore our sense of well-being.

Bottom line is that it doesn’t matter what wrong was perpetrated upon us, we do not need to carry that weight around with us. We can lift that burden off our shoulders simply by forgiving someone that did us wrong. The facts don’t lie and trust me when I tell you that forgiveness is not only crucial to your health and happiness but, it also will free up your mind to focus on better things. Besides, the more positive things you focus on the more positive things will occur in your life. So, if you focus on the negative things in life you actually draw more into your life. Which do you prefer- the good or the bad? Law of Attraction is applied and positive energy attracts more positivity to your life. The positive effects compile faster the more you let go of the negative things in your life. So forgive someone today and live a positive , happy, and healthier life!

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