Free Time Is Precious Don’t Waste It

There is no such thing as free time. What I mean is, there is always something we can or should be doing with our downtime. When we are finished with our work and the chores and housework are done there is always something productive we can do with our time. For instance, maybe we should take the time out to care for our loved ones, or spend the time wisely and call a friend we haven’t spoken with in some time.

Those we love need our care. Often times, we get so busy with our daily grind that we tend to neglect those people in our life that care for us. Being present in their lives is just as important as being present in our own. Life changes quickly and often, and it takes an effort to keep up with everything. So take time, make time for the things you’ve been putting off.

Being present is more than just showing up. It is an act of love we commit to when we set our intentions on others. it is a selfless act of love that says, “you matter to me.” Most of us have been programmed and desensitized to the needs of those in our lives whom we may have taken for granted that they’ll always be there. So how do we show those we love how much we truly care? How can we devote ourselves to them in the little moments and in the simplest of ways that will mean the world to them?

                       Simple Ways to Be Present With Those We Love

1. Pick up the phone- We can’t always be next to those we care for but that doesn’t mean we can’t be present. A quick phone call or text to tell someone we’re thinking of them can change the outlook of someone’s whole day, and it only takes a few minutes.

2. Go for a walk- Grab your sweetheart and hit the hiking trail, or just take a stroll around the neighborhood hand in hand, believe me, they’ll cherish the quality time you devote.

3. Have a stay-cation- Draw the blinds, and just lay in bed snuggling, laughing and being silly with each other. Have a tickle war, have a pillow fight, make love. It doesn’t matter, just enjoy sharing the same space for a while.

4. Cook together- This seems like a no-brainer, but most times one or the other is working late or the kids have dance or soccer, or some other activity keeps us so busy we forget the time-honored practice of cooking together.

Get creative. Find your own ways to be present with those you love and care for. It doesn’t take a lot of time to show you care but it can mean the difference between existing and thriving for a relationship in any capacity. Whether it’s a friend or loved one those in our lives need to know they matter to us.

Taking that time to be present with them regardless if they’re right beside us or on the other side of the world is important. We all want to feel important. We all need to feel loved. Disconnecting from the outside world and actively existing together is important for both them and ourselves.

The act of loving another, or being loved by another increases our quality of life. It decreases the feeling of isolation that is so present in everyday life, lowers stress levels, increases overall mood and health in so many ways. Active presence is so vital to our happiness. So be present with the ones that you love. it will mean the world to them. Bless up!

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